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This actually goes back to medieval and Pagan rituals of marriage or traditions in some cultures where the brind and groom have a cord tied around their wrists during the ceremony to show that they are bound together for life from that point forward.
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How do you tie a Windsor knot in your neck tie?

Start with the wide end ("W") of your necktie on the right, extending about 12 inches below the narrow end ("N") on the left. . Then cross the wide end over the narrow end. .

How do you tie a knot?

There are hundreds of knots, however if you can tie a shoelace, you can tie a knot There are many types of knots and for many different purposes. The simpest knot is a half hi

How do you tie a Hanover knot?

The Hanover Knot is tying from an inside out staring position and forms a relatively large tie knot. Step by step instructions are provided in the link below -

How do you tie knots?

Start with a few basic sailor knots (below) then move on to some that are more elaborate.

How to tie a big neck tie knot?

I should start by saying that i do not tie this know at the neck rather down a bit at chest level where i can see it without a mirror, hence my preference for a very short thi

How do you tie the various knots in a tie?

Windsor Knot - hang tie over neck with the fat part on the right side, then right over left. then put right over left again, it should kind of like a cone. Put fat part of tie

How do you tie a tie with a Windsor knot?

Windsor knot, also known as Full Windsor or mistakenly referred to as Double Windsor, is one of the four classic tie knots which are most well known in the world. Its best

How many ways can you tie a knot?

There are over 3,900 known knots, to date. A great book on this subject, researched for over 40 years, is 'Ashley's Book of Knots'(1944), by Clifford Warren Ashley.

How do you tie a knot on a sewing thread?

First you put it through the needle hole and put the two sides evenly and you twist it over your finger and you slide your fingers like that as easy as pie..=D
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How do you tie a knot with one hand?

There are a few knots that can be tied with one hand. One of the most useful knots for one hand is the slip knot. Lay the line down, reach under with your right hand, reach ov
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Why do cables tie themselves into knots?

I've wondered before if it's something to do with magnetic attraction caused by the current in the cable - but they do it when they're not plugged in so... I suggest using ca
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How do you tie a ball knot?

I don't believe there IS such thing as a Ball knot. Maybe you were referring to the Decorative knot "Monkey's Fist".
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Why can't you tie your hair in a knot?

its simple all you gotta do is just get a piece of hair,thread it through and just keep on doing that........ it actually works