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You need to go to the doctor or hospital very soon, particularly if this is not normal for you. It could be a cyst or appendicitis or an ectopic pregnancy, if there is a chance that you are pregnant
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Is it illegal to walk around bare chested?

It depends on where you are (and possibly who , or at least what, you are). In private, you're allowed to do pretty much whatever you want as far as nudity goes. But "in p

Would you say bare pain or bear pain?

You would say "bear pain." To "bear" something means to put up with it, to endure it. To "bare" something means to make it naked, unclothed.

What causes back pain and you can not walk?

Depending on the kind of pain (sharp, down the back of your legs or pain that goes around the side of one or both legs (sound familiar?), if you can't walk and the pain is suc

Is equate extra strength pain reliever pm canget you high?

No,you cant get high off these as they are just 500mg acetaminophen or paracetamol (uk),an overdose on these will cause permanent liver damage or death.They do not contain any

What is the pain in your hip when you walk?

If it makes a clicking noise when you walk then you just need to do some light exercises as it may just be a bit stiff...But if it is just pain and it has been like that for a

What is wrong if your buttocks hurt a lot and you can barely walk?

With my past experience I have found out that at 14 years old that I had what is called Degenerative Disc Disease in which the disc in between your vertebrae may become compre

Heel pain disappears after starting to walk?

If you wake up and your heel hurts of if it hurts after sitting for a long time but then once you start walking, it goes away, it is probably Plantar Faciatis. It's the inflam

Why does knee pops with no pain when walking?

It is very common for the knee to make funny noises as it moves. If there is no pain associated with it, it is nothing to worry about. It is usually caused either by 1) Gas