Pms crampssharp pain barely can walk?

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You need to go to the doctor or hospital very soon, particularly if this is not normal for you. It could be a cyst or appendicitis or an ectopic pregnancy, if there is a chance that you are pregnant
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What could cause a real bad abdominal pain after having intercourse. No pain during intercourse everything was fine. Sever pain 10 min after couldn't walk could barely stand. Felt like bad cramps.?

Answer . IT could be a lot of things. . Is he hitting your cervical wall? . How rough is he? . The position you're in? . You might want to take an ibuprofen before hand,

I am 57 male daily am walking 55 mints bare foot now I am having pain in the right side of the heel?

Plantar fasciitis(heel pain) Occupation: Standing workers,walking people are generally suffered from it. AGE GROUP:40-60 YRS USUALLY SUFFERED AS A RESULT OF OSSIFICATI

What causes back pain and you can not walk?

Depending on the kind of pain (sharp, down the back of your legs or pain that goes around the side of one or both legs (sound familiar?), if you can't walk and the pain is suc

Would you say bare pain or bear pain?

You would say "bear pain." To "bear" something means to put up with it, to endure it. To "bare" something means to make it naked, unclothed.

Can Advil pm be taken without pain?

I highly don't recommend it because if you keep taking unnecessary Advil or any other paid med. you will develop an ulcer.

Is walking bare footed bad for your feet?

No, it isn't. When you walk barefoot on gravel or rocks (if you'reused to it) your feet get thick and tough. So it is good for you.Even my feet are thick and tough!! :)

Is it illegal to walk around bare chested?

It depends on where you are (and possibly who , or at least what, you are). In private, you're allowed to do pretty much whatever you want as far as nudity goes. But "in p