Population of Bethlehem at the time of Ruth?

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About 1,000 (more or less) at the time.
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What was the population in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus birth?

It cannot be known for sure, however we may safely assume it to be quite crowded with visitors due to the influx of people living in other places, like Joseph, returning to pa

When did Ruth and Naomi move to Bethlehem?

The exact date is unknown as there is no historically-verifiable internal evidence to verify it, but an estimate can be made. Ruth was David's great-grandmother:- . Rth 4:13

What was the Population in Bethlehem when Jesus was born?

The population of Bethlehem was very crowded as Joseph found no place in any inn. Answer: That's what Augustus Caesar wanted to know: "About this time Caesar Augustus
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Was Bethlehem a walled city in the time of Ruth?

A: The Book of Ruth is identified as a work of fiction set some timein the latter part of the period of the Judges, but at least twogenerations before the time of Samuel. Nev