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What are the preventive measures to road accident?

Some of the Preventive Measures are : Avoiding alcohol before driving prevents road traffic accidents. The use of remediation therapy for drink driving offenders will reduce t

What is the prevention measures to prevent the industrial pollution?

Industrial pollution results in great damage to agriculture,  industry and human heath. There are pollution prevention programs  such as The US Environmental Protection Agen

What is preventive measure?

It's when there is something you're trying to stop (prevent) from happening, so you take a preventive measure (do something) to stop the thing you think might happen.


  A tuberculosis test consists of a small subcutaneous injection that creates a "wheal" or small bump under the skin. It must be "read" by a healthcare professional after

What is the T.B jab for?

the t.b jab is to stop people from getting Tuberculosis a disease that effects the lungs and in the long term makes you die. People now don't get the TB jab in England, only i

How old is T.B. Joshua?

Temitope Balogun "T.B." Joshua is 54 years old (birthdate June 12, 1963).

What are the Measures taken for preventions for cows?

At birth clean colostrum is given to a calf ASAP. This prevents calfhood diseases, improves growth rates, and improves the calf's output when at a mature age. Other measures