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may...we can try by using pointer...........
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Which one is the first string on the guitar?

Depends.... 1st string is the small, thin E string, but can also be, in some eyes, the fat E string.  People always argue over this, but go with the the thin E string.

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Which Great Lake is entirely in the United States?

    Located between Wisconsin to the west, Illinois and Indiana to the south, and Michigan to the north and east, Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake totally with

What is unit process?

Unit process includes all the treatment methods in which the removal of contaminants is brought about by chemical or biological reactions. it is considered as a secondary trea

Who is Brushy One String?

A Jamaican singer who plays a one-string guitar. He got the name "Brushy" because of his hair, hence "Brushy One-String".

What is a Processing unit?

Your CPU or "Computer Processing Unit" is used for handling all  data and programs running on your computer. This can be from  browsing the web to saving a document, all the