Project on customer satisfaction of HNI clients of hdfc bank?

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High Net-worth Individual
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In marketing what is customer satisfaction Explain the importance of customer satisfaction.?

Customer satisfaction refers to the extent to which customers are happy with the products and services provided by a business. Customer satisfaction levels can be measured usi

What is the difference between HNI and MNI clients?

MNI. >>Minimum Number of Individuals. HNI. >>High Networth Individuals. Who's Investing amount of above 5 lacs at a time in Mutual Fund, Bond, NCD etc. and 25 lacs in St

Is HDFC bank a nationalised bank?

HDFC Bank is not a nationalised bank. As of now, there are 25 Nationalized Banks in India: 1) State Bank of India 2) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur 3) St

Is HDFC bank a government bank?

HDFC Bank is a private bank in India that provides all kinds of banking facilities to the citizens of India. It is fully owned by HDFC Ltd. It is the second largest private se

Is hdfc bank international bank?

Actually Yes and No. Yes - If you are not an Indian and you have a HDFC bank branch in your country. Since HDFC bank has its roots in India, it is an international bank for

What is the difference between HDFC and HDFC bank?

HDFC stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation and it is a financial company that offers loans to customers to build/buy homes within India. HDFC Bank is a private

How do you change your address in your customer profile with the HDFC Bank Savings Account?

You must find out any HDFC branch near your home and pay them a visit. Carry with you your bank account number and provide it to the customer care executive at the counter. Th

What is customer satisfaction in customer service?

Customer satisfaction is a positivefeeling of a customer toward their experience with your business. A satisfied one-time buyer will not only turn into a loyal customerbut wi
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What is the objective of customers satisfaction research project?

Customer satisfaction is the degree to which a buyer is satisfied with a product, service or company. Customer satisfaction objectives can be broken down into three main group
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Is HDFC bank is Indian bank?

There are two banks in India that have these names. HDFC Bank is a private bank whereas Indian Bank is a government bank. So, if you are asking if they are one and the same, t