Proper way of sex with wife in Islam?

Proper way of sex with wife in Islam?
....."because to look into their eyes is to invite poison into your very soul. Actually I don't think that is in the Koran or Sharia I think certain Muslim clerics said that. Yes that is correct; Islam commands Muslim men make their women orgasm, but it also says women are evil. "Keep them satisfied but remember, they are the incarnation of the shaitan!""?????????????

Actually Christianity and Hinduism say women are evil. With childbirth being the Pinnacle of pain in punishment for women according to the Bible.
Islam gives the highest Respect to women of all ages.... People just need to let go of their own stupidity and open up their minds and hearts and Try (at the very least try people) to understand the teachings of Islam. WITHOUT BIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The person(s) who wrote the last paragraph have quoted the teachings of Islam Out of Context which is what people excel at. In fact, I am not sure if any (or all) of the above "Proper Way" is correct. It was probably written by someone really Bent on showing Islam in the wrong way.
Shame on you!!!
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