Can you have sex with your wife in Islam on the day of the marriage?

Can you have sex with your wife in Islam on the day of the marriage?

if you mean right after the marriage party and signing the contract and meeting other conditions of marriage then of course you can have sex with your wife the same day, it is

How do you have sex in Islamic ways?

It is forbidden to have Sex before Marriage, the only way is to get married and enjoy a good relationship along with the physical intimation.

Islamic way of sex?

Sex is haram forbidden..if u don't believe then go to science they causes disease like aids u know..! But a man can kiss his wife on cheeks,lips too bcoz muhammad(saw) also us

Islamic way sex between husband and wife?

No intercourse during the wife's period. Because at that moment dirty blood is flowing out of the vagina which might cause health issues and infection No anal sex because th

What is the proper way to have oral sex?

Depends. Are you asking for tactics or what? If you're asking how to do it: Girl puts mouth on guys penis, or guy puts mouth on girls vagina, both trying to gt their partner

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What is the correct way to have sex with wife several time according to Islam?

First, there should be mutual interest between husband and wife to have sex several times. second, oral sex, as foreplay, is very important to ensure mutual enjoyment and sa

How do you do sex in Islamic way?

There is no specific rites for sex in Islam. Only there are many recommendations. But basically the sexual relations should be between male and female legally married. Legal r

What is the proper way to have sex?

  Any way and every way is the proper way EXCEPT ANAL , as long as no harm(physical ,mental or emotional) is done , its all good . Sex drive is there to encourage procreat
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Are you allowed to have sex in Islam with your pregnant wife?

Yes, a husband is permitted in Islam to have sexual intercourse with his wife while she is pregnant; provided that she does not have any complications which could cause harm t
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What is the proper way of sex?

1. be naked 2. if she go's for the penice let her squeeze 3. go for the boobs 4. touch everywhere 5. get her pregnant

What is the proper way to have anal sex?

Be aroused, use plenty of lube since the colon doesn't have any lube itself (not like a vagina), don't go deep, take it slow and let the recipient move towards you and not the
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What should be the exact way of sex with wife according to Islam?

Husband and wife are allowed to enjoy themselves in all ways acceptable to them and in all ways that could be enjoyable, acceptable, and satisfactory to both of them. Oral sex