Pros and cons of American healthcare?

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this website has most of the pros and cons of universal healthcare
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What are the pros and cons of American Imperialism?

The Pros are: . Most superpowers brought with them modern technologies andintroduced industrialization in smaller nations, boosting theeconomy. . Introduced the concept of a

What are pros and cons of the American revolution?

While I am an American, I couldn't think of anything that was, in the long term, bad about American independence, so I instead answered this question from a British perspectiv

What were the pros and cons of the American Dilemma?

The American Dilemma was a study conducted by a Swedish economistin 1938 that sought to find out the reasons for the gap betweenAfrican Americans' reality and the American pri

Pros and cons of french healthcare system?

The Pro's of the French healthcare system are, Access; Cost efficiency; Preventative care; The con's are Economical disadvantages; Regional disadvantages; and too much of a ch

Cuban healthcare pros and cons?

Cuba's health care program is available to every citizen of thenation. However, it is likely that people have to wait fortreatment of all but he most serious of conditions.

What are some pros and cons of Americanization?

Social pro- spred of culture and ways of life cons- we take away their sense of culture pro- people getto communicate with others form around the globe con- traditonal

What are some pros and cons of Obama's Healthcare Reform?

Pros: . Everybody can have health insurance if they want it: . Insurers will not be able to stop paying for people who are sick, even if they lose their jobs. Peo

What are the pros and cons of Barack Obama's healthcare reform?

The good point is you get the insurance but the bad is he's going to take 70% of all American's social security check to pay for it and there's a 1-year waiting period for eve

What are the pros and cons of the American Civil War?

Pros: . - the country was united . - the issue of slavery was finally resolved - after the war was over, the Union leaders had more experience andwere stronger than before C

Pros and cons of the healthcare reform?

Advantages · According to the Congressional Budget Office, the legislation will reduce the deficit by $138 billion over the first decade and by $1.2 trillion in

What are the pros and cons to being an American?

Since the benefits of being a citizen of the United States of America are often spoken about, let's first consider some of the cons of being a US American. Being born into a d

What are the pros and cons of the American flag?

First, there is not an "American" flag. There are many flags in the Americas, one for each country. The United States is in North America, as is Canada and Mexico. Then there
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What are some pros and cons of a national healthcare plan?

PROS: Everyone can be treated when they're sick and not have to worry about getting turned away because they can't afford it. Everyone can feel safe. CONS: Everyone has to pa
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What are the pros and cons of the American system?

The pros of the American system are that America is more used to this unit in there every day life, also if we did change our units over to the metric the government would hav