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Putting someone else's ideas into your own words is called?

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C. paraphrasing
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What is a woman called who sleeps with someone else's man?

Answer A Slut? Answer   It depends; If the Original woman is unbearable, then the other woman is called "The Comforter." The answer is also true to "The other Man." 

If you copy someone else's idea but change everything but one thing it is still copying?

depends, if its like evolution, and saying that we changed from zebras, and then butterflies, than all the butterflies ran into the same tree and became human, than that would

What will happen to someone if they used someone else's copyrighted material as their own?

It depends what for, If its for something that alot of people will see then you could be sent to court and fined a large amount. Ex:If you copied something like a book and sol

If i build a snowman in someone else's garden who owns the snowman?

If I build a snowman in someone else's garden who owns the snowman is a good question. Probably you do, since snow is a natural phenomenon that falls everywhere and it would b