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Effective Leader Qualities:

7-Motivate others
8-Effective Communication
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What are the qualities of a good leader?

To listen to other peoples suggestions, while being strong and making your own decisions. Keep a cool head while leading, even in a frightening situation. Of course keep your

Qualities of a team leader?

1.Know your team. At some point, every day, walk around the office and say "Hi" to everyone who works for you. If you're not in the office that day, call and see how people ar

What are the good qualities to be a good nurse?

Knowledge is very important, listening skills is also important. How to diagnose simple sytems are importlant. If you are a student who want to become a nurse and asking this

What qualities make a good leader?

A leader doesn't throw his weight around, respects other members of the group, is courageous, is bold when they have to be but never does anything that might risk anyone but h

10 qualities of a good leader?

A few weeks ago I had to do an essay about this in my Honors English class after we read a book about this. Some of the things that I put were: honest, respectful, caring, tru

What are good qualities?

Reliability, honesty, truthfulness, and kindness a little kindness can go a long way.

What are good qualities of a good speaker?

  A good speaker will speak clearly and loud enough so the audience can hear them. If you are speaking to someone individually you need to face them and not fidget or anyt

What should be the qualities of a team leader?

Being a team leader is great responsibility.That means that you can never give up on your team.You should be a good influence and a team player,and don't act like your in char

What qualities made Gandhi a good leader?

Humility, modesty, and having faith were among the qualities which made Gandhi a good leader. He knew what was right for his people and no matter what, he kept on going.

What qualities made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Some leadership qualities which Hitler had was that he was: Very CharismaticGood Public SpeakerPowerfulPatrioticInspiringDemandingReliantControllingJudgmentalConfidentDetermi

What are the good qualities of a good letter?

Lots of details. Details are important! Good spelling and grammar are important, too. Make sure your letter is in good format and its ended with love, for family and friends,