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This translates from Spanish to mean What day is today. You can respond with lunes or martes or miercoles or jueves or viernes or sabado or domingo. lunes is monday. martes is Tuesday and so on. . .
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What is the answer to que dia es hoy?

When somebody asks you "Que dia es hoy? (which day of the week is today), the correct answer will be - Hoy es _____ (Today is ...) Example : A: que dia es hoy ? B: hoy es j

What is does que dia es hoy mean?

It means" What day is it today". You can answer saying " Hoy es Miercoles" And that for example means " Today is Wednesday"

How do you Answer to que dia es hoy?

They are asking you "What day is it today?" You should answer with the current day. The format is: "Hoy es ____ de ________." Example: "Hoy es tres de septiembre ." (Tod

How do you answer Que dia es hoy?

What day is today? You answer with the day of the week. Hoy es [day of the week]. Here are the days of the week in Spanish: Sunday - domingo Monday - lunes Tuesday -

What is the answer to que es el dia hoy?

You would respond "Hoy es... (day of the week)" Lunes: Monday Martes: Tuesday Miércoles: Wednesday Jueves: Thursday Viernes: Friday Sábado: Saturday Domingo: Sunday Fo

How do you answer que dia es hoy in English?

"¿Que día es hoy?" means "what day is it today?". You would answer with the appropriate day - lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo.

Como esta Que dia es hoy Que hora es?

As written, it would be "Like this? What day is today? What time is it?" Even that is an approximation. The problem is the missing accent marks, as well as a missing "usted".