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This translates from Spanish to mean What day is today. You can respond with lunes or martes or miercoles or jueves or viernes or sabado or domingo. lunes is monday. martes is Tuesday and so on. . .
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Como esta Que dia es hoy Que hora es?

As written, it would be "Like this? What day is today? What time is it?" Even that is an approximation. The problem is the missing accent marks, as well as a missing "usted".

What does 'Que dia de la semana es' mean in English?

The meaning in English of the Spanish sentence 'Que dia de la semana es' is the following: What day of the week is it? The word-by-word translation is the following: 'que' mea

Que tienes que hacer hoy?

  What do u have to do today

How do you answer Que dia es hoy?

What day is today? You answer with the day of the week. Hoy es [day of the week]. Here are the days of the week in Spanish: Sunday - domingo Monday - lunes Tuesday -

What does Que dia es el primero mean in spanish?

¿Qué día es el primero?" is Spanish for "What day is the first?" It is pronounced "Kay DEE-ah ess el pre-MARE-oh?" Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the

How do you respond to que fecha es hoy?

If someone asked you ¿Que fecha es hoy?, it would mean "What date is it today?". The way you would respond to that would be "Es el ____ de _______". You must fill in the firs

What is que tiempo hace hoy?

How is the weather today?

What does que dia es manana?

It means:   What day is tomorrow?    You can answer this question with:   "Mañana es (day of the week)."    The days of the week are:   Monday - Lun

What does hoy que toca mean?

"¿Hoy Qué toca?" is an informal expression asking what is scheduled for today or what's the plan for today. The literal translation is "Today, what plays/touches?" but tha