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Que es educacion fisica?

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Physical education P. E. physical education Physical education What is Physical Education?
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Que es la fecha?

Do you want a translation? If so, qhttp://wiki.answers.com/Q/Que_es_la_fecha means "that is the date?".   cual means which or which one so so therfore it is " which is the

Que es lealtad linguistica?

  Lealtad linguitica es la actitud que tiene una persona cuando esta va a un lugar en el cual se usa un idioma diferente. Esta actitud debe ser a favor de su propia lengua

Que es educasion fisica?

Educasion Fisica es la estudia de ejercisio fisical, el movimento del cuerpo humano, y juegos e deportes para ensenar estudiantes y jovenes en la clase de gym.

How do you answer que es?

that means it is so if someone says that without anything else it is probably a question

Que diablo es eso?

You most likely mean,< ¿Qué diablos es eso?>, which means "What the hell is that?" Diablo literally means "devil."

How do you pronounce que hora es?

You pronounce it like this: KAY OR-AH ESS - - - - que- the 'q' sounds like k the 'ue' sounds like eh --- hora - silent 'h' the 'o' is like oh roll the 'r' a

Que es un sinonimo?

Translation: "What is a synonym?" Answer: Un sinonimo es una palabra que tiene la definacion mismo de una otra palabra.

How do you answer to que hora es?

You say the current time of day, as close to the minute as possible. But unlike English, in Spanish they differentiate between one, single, hour of the clock... and two. We sa