What are the words to bon qui qui?

elo i am here to tell u the words to bon qui qui song!♥! (beat box) on the mic is a queen now listen to me sing he wants a number 3 super size onion ring! ( beat box (MORE)

Bon qui qui script?

Bon Qui Qui: ( on the phone ) Gurl, Marcus was suppose to meet me yesterday and he didn't even show up. Gurl I will cut him. Gurl yes I will. You remember what happened last t (MORE)

Bon qui qui skit?

Ay i said ay whats up my name bon qui qui i be ya'll flight attendent so dont nobody ask me for nothin le see le see le see ya on a plane flying so dont get crazy excu me sir (MORE)

Lyrics to bon qui qui?

I'm on mike it's the queen so listen to me sing he wants a number 3 super size onion rings. he can go out throught the door with no ankle bracelet on but he's got 2 strikes so (MORE)

What are the Bon Qui Qui lyrics?

On the mic is a queen. Now listen to me sing. he wants a #3 super size onion rings. He walked out the house with no ankle bracelet on. But he got two strikes so dont get h (MORE)

Bon qui qui video?

[1] Since 9/11, the world has gotten smaller. What that means is that people hang onto what they know: their family and their neighborhoods. [3] Bon qui qui doesn't have to lo (MORE)

Is bon qui qui black?

Bon qui qui has no definite race. She's just "ghetto." But to add to the hilarity, her name translates to "good who who" (...vagina...) in French.
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What is a qui?

A new slang that is the worst possible thing to call people. Equivalent to the "C" word.