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Römischer Statthalter zur Zeit der Hinrichtung Jesu?

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Römischer Statthalter zur Zeit der Hinrichtung Jesu war Pontius Pilatus.

Who was the Roman governer at the time of Jesus' execution?

Roman governer at the time of Jesus' execution was Pontius Pilate.
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Jesus Christ is the reason you have for today's date. Roughly 2012 years ago, He walked the earth, and it was deemed important enough that we all decided to start the years ov

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Jesus is the son of God. The story of his mortal life is told  mainly in the New Testament (part of the Bible). He taught about  love, mercy, justice, and obedience to God's

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first of all I would like to tell you that DON'T write "WHAT is Jesus" it is totally wrong we use what for non living things. Alright so the question arises WHO IS JESUS. Jesu

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It's my understanding that this story is an amalgamation of many stories and, though based in truth, the story itself is largely false. The sheer limited nature of information

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Jesus was the prophet of GOD, and his purpose was to lead us to the right way, and to teach us the difference between good and evil.

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Jesus was born into a poor family, his father Joseph was a carpenter, what we now call a laborer. He preached to people not to store up material things but to put their energy

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Jesus is everywhere.AND HE LOVES US ALL

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He is the Son of God, God the Son, the Son of man and my blessed savior. I hope he is yours.
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Jesus is our saviour and Jesus is our father Jesus love us that's  why he go to the cross of Calvary to save us to take away our sins  because we are sinners Jesus want us t

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Another answer from our community:    The Bible says that Jesus is the Son of God. He willingly came to  earth to die for our sins.   Another answer:   An inve

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