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Rank wise list of top 20 engineering colleges of UPTU according to cs branch?

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1) HBTI , kanpur
2) IET , lucknow
3) JSS academy of technical education , noida
4) AKGEC , ghaziabad
5) MMM, gorakhpur
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What are the rank wise top 20 engineering colleges in uttar pradesh?

1) iit kanpur .   2) IT-BHU .   3) ITM LUCKNOW(483).   4) IIIT allahabd   5) HBTI kanpur .   6) Jypee institute of information TEchnology   7) GCTI kan

What is the rank ofGagotias engineering college in uptu?

    As far as academic results are concerned it has a state ranking of 14. However in case of placements and overall curricullum it has a very good national ranking of

Rank of engineering college of uptu?

1. GLA Mathura 2. KIET Ghaziabad 3. ITM LUCKNOW(college code-483) 4. JSS Noida 5. RKGIT Ghaziabad 6. IMS Ghaziabad 7. BBD Lucknow 8. A.K Garg Ghaziabad 9. Idea

Placement wise position of UPTU engineering colleges?

Top pvt. uptu colleges according to placements 1) J.s.s. ghaziyabad 2)A.K.Garg ghaziabad 3) K.I.E.T ghaziyabad 4) Galgotia , G.Noida 5)Shri ram murti smarak college, bareil
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Top 10 engineering colleges of UPTU?

Top engineering colleges of UP for B.tech PSIT KanpurJSS NoidaITM LKO(483)KIET GhaziabadKNIT Sultanpur Other top colleges of UPTU for B.Tech in greater noida:- 1. Skyline
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List the top 20 Engineering colleges in kerala?

1.NIT calicut(Admission through AIEEE) 2.College of engineering trivandrum 3.Amrita school of engineering(Admission through Amrita entrance) [NB:All the above 3 institut