Read a sticker on one of the Cars in New Jersey which said RSD Sucks Is RSD an abbreviation or something. What does this mean?

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When a company wants to make a deal with a programming company or a system analyst (to be more precise) for designing a system for the company, they use a Requirement Specification Document to write their system requirements.
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When can your car get repossessed in New Jersey?

\n. \n take back your car \n. \nI am trying myself to determine if NJ has different rules from most other states. According to this website it looks like we can just take our cars provided we don't break any other laws, such as breaking and entering a garage.\n. \n . \n . \nSuch laws relate to the repossession agent and the lender not the borrower/debtor.\n. \nRetrieving or attempting to retrieve a repossessed vehicle without using the prescribed legal procedures is a criminal act.

What is the average concentration in gL and relative standard deviation RSD of chlorine in seawater if one cup of sea salt is used per gallon of water?

I suspect by gL you mean g/L.. Borrowing from another Q/A here: . We'll assume 1 cup sea salt is 400 grams. 1 gallon = 3.7854L, so 1cup salt in 1 gal water = 400/3.7854 = 106 g/L. You're asking for RSD in a way that doesn't make sense - maybe rephrase it or describe the information you're looking for.

Is there any connection between CFS -- chronic fatigue syndrome -- and RSD?

Both RSD and CFS are real physical disorders. RSD's main characteristic is pain while CFS's main characteristic is debilitating exhaustion. Both seem to have connections with the central nervous system.. For CFS, there is no one particular test that can diagnose the condition, so many suffer from being labled a hypochondriac or their sympotms are blamed on depression. But most CFS sufferers who are given MRI's show abnormalities, white spots, on the brain. Others are often found to have heart and blood pressure abnormalities that were not present before the onset of CFS.. It is not uncommon for people with CFS to also have other disorders along with CFS and it is possible to have both.

Can RSD be considered a work related injury if you got hurt on the job and RSD was the outcome of you receiving this injury and you were hurt on the job?

Answer . YES!!!! I was injured and diagnosed by a workers comp doctor with RSD! his quote" a direct result from the industrial injury"

What is the standard abbreviation for New Jersey?

NJ . The standard two letter abbreviation for the state of New Jersey is NJ.

What is rsd?

RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and is a nerve disorder that causes extreme pain and immobilization. (See Related links below)

Did Henry ford have something to do with New Jersey?

Thomas Edison's Menlo Park, NJ laboratory complex and the inventions he made there are over 100 years old. When Edison built the laboratory in 1876, it was the first industrial research laboratory in the United States. Four years later, in 1880, Menlo Park looked virtually abandoned.. By 1886, Edison and his entire team had abandoned the Menlo Park site. In the 1920s, Henry Ford wanted to move the old "invention factory" to his museum in Dearborn, Michigan. When Ford and Edison went to New Jersey to recover the buildings they found that most of them had been removed or had collapsed. Ford had his staff reconstruct the Menlo Park buildings from photographs and a few surviving original materials.

Your car has no power the computer it said at had primary and secondery coil was not properly working will is make a sucking sound the car is running on one cylinder are the coils or one coil bad?

First of all, the engine will not run on one cylinder ... chances are the computer is correct - try replacing the two coils.

How can whiplash affect someone suffering from rsd?

If your Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is occurring in the neck & shoulder areas, I certainly believe aggravating the problem with trauma could certainly make things worse.... If your Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is occurring in the neck & shoulder areas, I certainly believe aggravating the problem with trauma could certainly make things worse.... You should consult a neurologist or pain specialist, however.... New Answer: I have RSD in my left foot then had whiplash which caused fibromyalgia and the RSD to spread to both wrists, my neck and entire back/spine.

What was New Jersey the first one to do?

New Jersey was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights on November 20, 1789.

Read this my crush had two magnifying glasses i said give me one nicely and he said its reserved and then i sighed and then he said for you. Does this mean he likes me?

Sounds like some cute little flirting. And guys don't usually flirt with girls they're not attracted to. Good sign!

What does the red A sticker on the back of French cars mean?

It the equivalent to the L in English speaking countries. It means "Apprenti" which means "learner driver".

What does a sticker with the abbreviation hsr mean?

HSR is Hamilton Street Railway; the public transit company of City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Check: The sticker is a special bus pass issued for full-time students attending McMaster University; Check:

Will hot spring baths help with RSD?

Water in general . Baths with Epsom Salts. Hot Springs even going to a local pool. Can at least provide some relief.

How much is the fine for driving with an expired inspection sticker in New Jersey?

NJ regulation 39:8-1 Failure to have inspection $126. Ad $30.00 court cost to that, and your grand total will be roughly $150.00. Ask yourself, is it really worth it? If you are caught driving with a fraudulent inspection sticker how ever, you may be placed in jail for a period of time on top of a $500.00 fine.

What is the treatment for rsd?

RSD is treated using a number of different things. Pain medicine i usually the first treatment, then Sympathetic Nerve Block. Acupuncture, Hypoberic Oxygen, and Spinal Chord Stimulators are also used. As a victim of RSD, I know first hand that physical activity and stimuli is the best treatment. I have had RSD for the past 28 years it has now become more severe since working has aggravated the problem so much more. But as to treatments there are many that are not mentioned that have been attempted on me. In fact because there are so many different ways that RSD affects different people there are as many different ways of trying to treat it. I am now on narcotics with a SCS but still some days are really bad and other not quite so bad. If you are a sufferer of RD i recommend finding a good pain clinic/dr. in your area who is very familiar with RSD and visiting him/her to try different options like scs or pain pumps etc.etc.

A historian has said that the Renaissance created something new from something old What does this statement mean?

this statement means that the rennisance was able to improve the old middle ages life and that people didnt have to do everything for th church . it improved the old greek writings and made them their own.

Can you work with RSD?

Yes, it is possible ( depending ) Like any disease, it all depends on how " progressive " it is. For some individuals it may be possible to work and others it may not . You could probably learn more information about it by visiting the RSD / CPRS official site.

What starts with z that has something to do with New Jersey?

Zabriskie is the name of a street inJersey City, NJ. Zeller Drive is the name of a street in FranklinTownship, NJ.

What does ROG mean when it is a sticker on the back of a car?

It means Republic of Gamers. It's ASUS's products specialy made forgamers like motherboards, or other PC parts

Does leg amputation help RSD patients become more functional?

No. Even with the affected limb amputated ... the person would still feel phantom pain. As though the leg is still there.

I read something a while back that said there were different types of tenor saxs. There is very little music written for the one. What is the difference?

the difference is that some are bflat tenors like most are and others are like eflats i believe most music doesn't make eflat because most schools and stores don't sell or own them they own they bflat saxophones which i am sure is what u play

Sticker on car said 300 tourring but it is only a 300 lx?

the person driving it got a logo from one that was in the junk yard or stole it and it on

Why does New Jersey suck?

coz its full of trashy porrly educated obnoxious ghetto guidos who walk around like macho pricks with their gold chains, track clothes and stupid Yankee hats twisted at an angle ( guess its still the nineties around here)

What does the obx sticker on car windows mean?

If you see backs of cars blaring the letters OBX, you could see a small caption under it. It says Outer Banks. "The Banks," that is, of North Carolina. One can purchase one of these in a souvenir shop by the Nags Head shore in North Carolina. :)

Can people with RSD CRPS practice Tai Chi?

I have had CRPS/RSD on my left side since 2001. Four years ago I started Tai Chi. I have a pain level at 2 or 3 after class versus 6 or so when I start. The relief lasts for 12 or so hours along with a massive change for the better in my energy level. It is very hard at first to learn and to get the body going. When I started I could lift my foot off the ground about 3 inches with lots of wobbling. I fell frequently due to weakness on the left. My kicks are now at about 50 inches from the ground with good control. I no longer fall due to better strength and balance. I no longer feel handicapped. If the pain starts at night and keeps me up there are a few 5 min moves that I do and I am back in bed and asleep in 10 to 15 min versus the hours I used to spend in horrible pain every night. The arm and leg look almost normal. When I started they were swollen and purple. I have also stopped taking antisiezure, antidepressants and drugs to quiet the nerves. I need a painkiller about 3 times a month and that is it. Good Luck. Give it a try. It cannot hurt you and it may help you as much as it has helped me. You muscles will ache at first as they get used to being stretched but the result if freedom from drugs, pain and many limitations.

What is a fish sticker at the back of the car means?

The Icthus fish symbol was a secret symbol used by early Christians during the persecution of the Church by Rome. It was an acrostic, made up from the letters in the Greek alphabet. It has latterly been used by modern Christians as a message to fellow Christians that they meet on the road.

What is something new in New Jersey?

Lovely seashore, dairies , and some very nice scenery and LOTS of good restaurants, especially Italian food.

You were prescribed the lidocaine patch for RSD under your right arm and it is very painful to remove Is there an easier way to remove it than just pulling it?

u can apply water over it,now it will be sooth to remove will be less painfull

When people buy a new car name somethings they do with the old one?

When people purchase a new car, they'll often sell, trade, or give away their old car. It's just really dependent upon what that person wants. When you sell your old car, you can obtain that money and put it towards a new car that you'd like to purchase. When you trade in your car, that amount also goes towards the cost of your future vehicle. Giving away a car is a very nice charitable act because you're helping someone in need. Families often hand down cars and that's a form of giving a car away.

What cars are illegal in new jersey?

None. You just have to make sure you follow smog emissions laws and registration with the state as well as insurance laws. Other than that you can have any car you can afford and want.

What are cures to RSD?

There are no cures for RSD. Beings they are not really sure as to the cause, no cure has been found. There are treatments that have been found to help relieve some of the symptoms.

What does the oval ninja sticker on a car mean?

The occupant/owner of the vehicle suffers from TPS (Tiny Penis Syndrome). The driver should be considered dangerous as he obviously thinks he is better than what he actually is

Who discovered rsd?

The condition currently known as Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) was originally described during the American Civil War by Silas Weir Mitchell. It was formerly known as algoneurodystrophy, Begum Syndrome, Sudeck's atrophy, reflex neurovascular dystrophy (RND) and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).

When people buy a new car they something they do with old one?

Trade it in on the new car, sell it, keep it, or donate it tocharity.

Where can you rent a stick-shift car for one day in Essex county New Jersey?

Rental companies typically don't rent cars with standardtransmissions anymore. Too many people renting them who don't knowhow to drive them, then the company has to spend a bunch of moneyto repair the tranmission.

What does the term RSD stand for?

RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy Syndrome. It, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, is a "chronic pain condition that is believed to be the result of dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems." You may have RDS if you experience burning pain, sensitive skin, changes in temperature, color or texture of skin.

Where can one purchase used Cadillac cars in New Jersey?

One of the best places to purchase used Cadillac cars in New Jersey is the website NJ. They have an 'auto' section with a number of used Cadillac cars for sale. Motor Trend and Auto Trader also have used Cadillac cars for sale.

Where can one purchase car insurance in New Jersey?

Car insurance can be purchased in New Jersey from the following insurance agencies: State Farm, Geico, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Progressive, or 21st Century Auto.

How can one remove bumper stickers without damaging the car?

The best way to remove bumper stickers without damaging the car would be to heat the sticker with a blow dryer for about a minute, then begin peeling off the sticker slowly. After it's off apply Goo Off to remove residue.

What are the most common RSD symptoms?

RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is a chronic pain condition that has to do with the nervous system. The most common symptom of this disorder is severe pain at the site of an injury, where the pain is far worse than what would normally result from such an injury. The pain gets worse over time.

Where can one make car donations in New Jersey?

There are a number of organizations in New Jersey that are known to accept car donations. Kars 4 Kids and Purple Heart Cars, for example, accept car donations.

Where can one buy cheap stickers for cars?

Car stickers are available at numerous online retailers that would appeal to almost every interest group. One can also request custom-designed stickers from companies and even individuals that possess the right printing equipment.

Where can one purchase vinyl decal stickers of car logos?

If you would like to buy vinyl decal stickers of car logos, a good place to start would be an auto store. You might also have luck at a dealership. Of course, searching online would give you many options.

How can one donate a car in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, there is a program called 'The Wheels for Wishes Vehicle Donation Program benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children facing life-threatening medical conditions.

How can one remove car stickers without damaging the paint?

There are two main ways in which car stickers can be removed without damaging the paintwork of the car. The first method to try would be to use a hair dryer and hold it over the sticker for a while, as to let the heat melt the adhesive, and the peel away. The second method would be to purchase a product such as, Goo Be Gone, which is available in all good hardware and DIY stores.

Where can one find car decal stickers?

Car decal stickers can be found at sites such as Car Stickers, Decal Junky, Visual Tuning and mainstream retailers such as Amazon. Another place where they can be found at competitive prices includes eBay and Vista Print, where one can be custom designed by yourself.

Where can one find cheap car insurance in New Jersey?

You can find cheap car insurance available in New York through companies such as Liberty Mutual, World Climate, and Progressive. You can also go online to The General's website.

What are symptoms of RSD?

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is characterized by a group of symptoms including pain (often "burning" type), tenderness, and swelling of an extremity associated with varying degrees of sweating, warmth and/or coolness, flushing, discoloration, and shiny skin

Where would you find a monroney sticker on a used or new car?

Monroney stickers can be found in a few places on a new or usedcar. These stickers can be found on the front, side or rear windowof a car.