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Edward Cullen is the name of the hero in Twilight.
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What is Alice's real name from twilight?

What is Alice's real name from twilight?

Alice Cullen the character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, was played by Ashley Greene, in the movie Twlight 2008. And if you want to know Alice's original name it is Ma

What is Edward's real name from Twilight?

While he was a human, his full name was Edward Anthony Masen. The  actor who portrays him is named Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson.

What the Titanic hero real name?

The real name for titanic was the "RMS TITANIC" and the meaning of titanic is " the strength and the size of something" and that is the perfect name for titanic because it was

What is the original name of the hero in twilight?

If you are talking about Edward Cullen, then is real name is Robert Patterson. Or Jacob Black then that is Taylor Lautner. you question is misunderstood. sorry

Real name of the titanic hero?

It is either Jack Dawson or Michael Klumb, but we are not sure. Sorry if it doesn't add up to be right.

What are the twilight characters real names?

Bella Swan = Kristen Stewart   Edward Cullen = Robert Pattinson   Alice Cullen = Ashley GreeneJasper Cullen = Jackson RathboneRosalie Cullen = Nikki ReedEmmett Cullen =