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Real name of hero of twilight?

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Edward Cullen is the name of the hero in Twilight.
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What are the twilight characters real names?

Bella Swan = Kristen Stewart . Edward Cullen = Robert Pattinson . Alice Cullen = Ashley Greene . Jasper Cullen = Jackson Rathbone . Rosalie Cullen = Nikki Reed . Emmett

What Edward from twilight real name?

Edward Cullen :Robbert Patterson Jacob Black :Taylor Lautner Isabella swan (Bella swan) :Kristen Stewart Hope My anser was usful and i hope you apersate the extra

What is the original name of the hero in twilight?

If you are talking about Edward Cullen, then is real name is Robert Patterson. Or Jacob Black then that is Taylor Lautner. you question is misunderstood. sorry