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le franais? Je ne sais pas ce que c'est.
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What is the English translation of the French phrase 'Nous sommes allées ma mère et moi en autobus et nous avons regardé tous les magasins'?

"My mother and I, we went by bus, and we looked at all the stores" is an English equivalent of the French phrase Nous sommes allées, ma mère et mois, en autobus et nous avon

What does 'ecoute moi' mean in English?

It is French for "Listen to me" and is used with children to mean "Mind me" or "Do what I tell you to."

What does moi dix mois mean?

Literally, it means "Me ten Months".   'me' refers to Mana.   'ten months' refers to the average human gestation period as measured in lunar cycles of 4 weeks each.  

What is 'Mais parle-moi en français' when translated from French to English?

Mais parle-moi en français! in French means "But speak to me  in French!" in English.

What does Toi Moi mean in English?

"toi" means "you" "moi" means "me" if the combination is a slang expression, I don't know it

What does douze mois mean?

Twelve months

Who is moi?

moi is the second president of Kenya. he ruled as a president for 24 years and retired in December 30 2002. he is still alive