Repons moi en franais?

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le franais? Je ne sais pas ce que c'est.

Who is moi?

moi is the second president of Kenya. he ruled as a president for 24 years and retired in December 30 2002. he is still alive

Ah mais pourquoi tu you parlais pa en franais alor?

Ah mais pourquoi tu you parlais pa s en franais alor s "why you do not speak french right now?", I think this private question is just for bothering the users of answers.

What is Motet Quant en moi?

6) "Quant en moi" - Machaut - Late medieval - Motet - short in composition with sections of homophony (voices move along together and from simple chords

What does ecrit moi en francais maman mean in English?

The grammar is bad so it doesn't make much sense. It's literally "write me in french mother". It could mean "write the word for mother in french" or it could be asking: "can y