Republican Party positions are generally while Democrat positions are generally?

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What is the position of the Democratic Party on gun control?

They believe that reasonable gun control measures must be taken. There is some debate as to what exactly is reasonable. Generally, this translates into support for various res

What is the position of the Republican Party on gun control?

Nominally, Republican party does not support gun control legislation, except measures which restrict criminal use of firearms. However, in reality it varies with the indivi

What are political positions of democrats and Republicans?

Dem/Rep/Lib Beliefs: On the average, the Democrats are considered more liberal and the Republicans are considered more conservative. However, there are liberal Republicans and

What groups generally support the Democratic Party?

As a generalization, Unions, people with lower incomes, minorities, environmentalists, the college-educated, and the Net-roots (Online Progressives) are generally considered

What is the Democratic Party position on energy policy?

Investing in the development of renewable energy and clean technologies that will lead to the energy sources of the future; . Investing in high-speed rail and advanced car ba
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When the republican party was founded what was their position on slavery?

According to Wikipedia, "The Senate passed the (13th) amendment (abolishing slavery) on April 8, 1864, by a vote of 38 to 6. However, just over two months later on June 15, th