Rock Songs with Violins or Cellos?

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Violin: canon rock in d
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Is violin harder than cello?

I play both instruments, and yes the carrying around of the cello really can take a toll on your arm and shoulder, whereas the violin is a light and simple thing to carry. Y

What are some Rock songs with violin in them?

Serajeva\Christmas Eve by the Trans-siberian orchestra Avett Brothers, Secrets by: One Republic, Chicago by Sufjan Stevens Parting Of The Sensory by Modest Mouse Walcott by

Can you play cello songs on the violin?

If they are transposed to a higher register, cello pieces can easily be played on the violin. However, the tone color between the cello and violin are very different, so many

Are cellos easier or violins easier?

I am a violinist, and I have tried the cello and I personally think that the violin is easier, but it really depends on what you are into. My suggestion is to try both and see
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How is the violin held different then a cello?

For a right handed person: . The violin is held with the left hand on the neck with the base of it being positioned under your chin . You then hold the bow in your right