Role of Hindi in information technology?

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hindi is playing an important in information technology as all we know before a decade information technology is considered the field of highly educated and eilite class people. but today we see that hindi has made its place in informaton technology and hindi and I T both have become "purak" of each other. with the help and assistance of hindi information technology has reached to every nook and corner of country and an ordinary person is familiar with it. every one know the importance of information technology. internet has totally changed the mind set of the people who thought that without the knowlege of english one cannot gain the benefit of technology. but the scenario has changed every thing is being done in hindi through information technology, whether it is education, agriculture, industry, geoography, science, medicine, government department etc. in conclusion it can be said that hindi is playing a great role to literate the people of this country in their mother tongue and future of hindi is very bright
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