Role of Hindi in information technology?

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hindi is playing an important in information technology as all we know before a decade information technology is considered the field of highly educated and eilite class people. but today we see that hindi has made its place in informaton technology and hindi and I T both have become "purak" of each other. with the help and assistance of hindi information technology has reached to every nook and corner of country and an ordinary person is familiar with it. every one know the importance of information technology. internet has totally changed the mind set of the people who thought that without the knowlege of english one cannot gain the benefit of technology. but the scenario has changed every thing is being done in hindi through information technology, whether it is education, agriculture, industry, geoography, science, medicine, government department etc. in conclusion it can be said that hindi is playing a great role to literate the people of this country in their mother tongue and future of hindi is very bright
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What is information technology?

Different sources provide different definitions. A few of these definitions and their sources are included, below... The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) provides three definitions for Information Technology: 1. The technology used for the study, understanding, pla (MORE)

What is a role of Information Technology in a conventional institute?

IT . Information technology ( IT ), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." IT deals with the (MORE)

Role of Computer network in Information Technology?

The Role of the Computer Network in Information Technology: Information Technology talks about computers, devices, and also networking, the roles may lead as (Supportive, Active, Professional, Fixer, Fast Learn, and Hardware) Networking ASCC: (Internet, Browsing, Supportive, Facial Studies, an (MORE)

Role of information technology in business management?

Data management. By using databases and data tools you can spot trends and make business decisions. Web presence. Kinda self-explanatory. Organization. ERP/SAP. IT can help you streamline operations, help you spot problems and increase information dissemination. Basically, business management is (MORE)

Role of information communication technology in Nigeria economic growth?

Nigeria's economic growth rests on quality of expenditure. In order to achieve its planned economic growth target, the Federal Government will need to be mindful of the quality of its expenditure, renowned professor of economics, Paul Collier, has advised. Collier, a former director of research g (MORE)

What is the role of information technology in Defence?

Information technology is important to the defense of a countrybecause a government has to keep its citizens safe online, as wellas in the skies, and on land. To do this, they need to monitor allforms of communication.

What is Role of information technology in retailing?

Introduction "Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling goods or services directly to final consumer for their personal, non business use". Retail is all about selling, selling big and selling huge. It's all about ensuring that the customer first of all comes to the store and then (MORE)

The role of Information Technology in mass communication?

In this century, we cannot imagine the world without Information technology as well as mass communication. widely dispersed people are getting the Information and news by mass media. Information technology may helps media to be modernize. People are now able to know the things happening in different (MORE)

Role of information technology in environment and human health?

Technology has played a key role in the development of humansociety. Modern technologies such as information technology,havechanged the human lifestyle. Development of sophisticatedinstruments like computers, satellites, telecommunicationinstruments etc have resulted in total revolution in almost al (MORE)

Role of information technology in environment?

The role of information technology in environment is to facilitateresearch and communication. It can also be used in terms ofcreating awareness on the need to preserve the environment.

What is the role of Information Communication Technology in communication?

iformation tachnology Science, technology and innovation have become key factors contributing to economic growth in both advanced and developing economies. In the knowledge economy, information circulates at the international level through trade in goods and services, direct investment and technolog (MORE)

What is the role of information technology today?

Everything. Communication, finances and the banking system, the critical infrastructure such as power stations and trains, entertainment, information and even in the health industry with database records and hi tech equipment that utilises artificial intelligence such as machines that perform operat (MORE)

What is the role of information technology in rural development?

Information technology's main role in rural development is to provide people with information of any kind they require because information is necessary for development. for example information and communication technology can help farmers in rural areas to know about new means and techniques of farm (MORE)

Why is Information technology?

I'm having a bit of trouble with that, so I'm going to answer WHAT is information technology? instead...... . The term Information Technology was coined decades ago as a way of describing the industry that has built up around computers and electronics - everything from the massive mainframes that b (MORE)

What is information technologi?

Information technologies are tools and techniques that support and development of information systems. A definition of information technology(IT) is given by Information Technology Association of America (, that is "the study (MORE)

What role has information technology played in sports?

Information Technology known as IT has played a vital role in these days of Cricket. This technology is used to take important decisions by Umpires (such as run outs & LB's when referred to 3rd umpire). Teams analyze the strength's & weaknesses of opposition by constantly observing their previous ma (MORE)

What is the role of information technology in insurance?

ICT has been a huge benefit to the industry as a whole. Key areas which have seen such improvements are; customer support Where details of past and present customers are kept "on file" and can be accessed at high speed. These details will include specific security questions that identifies the custo (MORE)

What is the role of information technology in entertainment?

Introduction As with most industries, information technologies are pervadingthe entertainment industry at an ever increasing rate. Theapplication of computer technology to this industry is paralleledin almost all other current large turnover industries worldwide insimilar and general administrat (MORE)

Role of information technology in a 21st century business organization?

information technology has emerged as the fundamental technology of business. information system has brought revolution in business. The barrier to communication has been over come to a great extent time and distance has been conquered to a great extent by the system. Technology is an enabler for (MORE)

What is the Role of information technology sector in India?

sector in India has played a vital role in putting India on the worldwide map. IT sector in India has been one of the most considerable growthfactors for the Indian economic climate. The industry has played a. substantial function in changing India's photo. from a sluggish relocating administrative (MORE)

Latest technology in information technology?

The world of information technology is constantly evolving, every other day one gets to know a new technological break through. IT has also affected Healthcare industry, the combination of both gives Health IT. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have been one of the best things that IT could do to pr (MORE)

Information on Hindi language in Hindi?

While many sources say that only about 250 million people speak Hindi in the world, that information doesn't make sense to me. How can a country where Hindi is the official language, with a population of over 1.3 billion people, have only about 250 million speakers? Granted there are regional langua (MORE)

The role of information technology in marketing?

The role of information technology is huge in marketing. Forexample, companies can market their products through text, email,and Facebook instead of simply mailing flyers. They also come upwith more elaborate ways to market on the television and radio.

What is the role of information technology in human life?

Today IT is just like the green house technology emerged for plant life.We have also trapped ourself inside the roof of technology. IT have made our life easy and fast,techno based.Now a days talent is measured on the basis of how the person have used the technology.Person have started using mach (MORE)

What is the role of information technology in strategic marketing internal record systems?

IT will keep & store customer sales activity, customer behavior history, sales records history, and any kind of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data required. IT will help marketing people to analyze strategic data for strategic decision. So based on empirical data IT will help you summary (MORE)

What do you think is the role of information technology in modern business?

Technology, for the most part, exists to make life easier. By that definition, we've got it pretty good thanks to the hard work of our fellow humans. In weighing the world's most important technologies, we ruled out the nitty gritty that led to some of the creations below - transistors, electricity (MORE)

How information technology is playing an important role in expanding business in the world now a day?

Information technology is any field that involves computer technology. This includes hardware maintenance, software development, networking solutions and technical support. Modern businesses all over the world rely on computers to function and maintain high standards of efficiency and customer servi (MORE)

What is the role of Information and Communication Technology in politics?

Information and communication technology bring a huge change in all over world. In a climate of growing dissatisfaction with governments and politics, people often think the political actors seem less able to act according to citizens' needs. In this setting, information and communication technologi (MORE)

What are the trends in information technology system the role of e-business?

First, Ecommerce and EBusiness are terms that are considered the same but actually are a lot different from each other. The latter one deal with core processes involved in a business like Production, risk management, inventory management, Human resource and many more. Now, with the improvement in In (MORE)

What is information technology-?

Information technology is the study and use of technology relatedto the passing of information. For instance, computers andtelephones and related technology can be called informationtechnology.

What is the role of Information Technology in Banking?

Infotech describes the purchase, handling, storage space and alsocirculation of all types of details making use of computer technology and alsotelecommunication systems. Modern technology consists of all maters concerned wit h the furtherance of computer technology and modern technology aswell as wi (MORE)