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Role of distal histidine in myoglobin?

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1.) H-bond to O2 (g)
2.) forces carbon monoxide to bind at an angle
3.) acts as a proton scavenger prevents Fe+2--> Fe +3
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Can the body survive without myoglobin?

I suppose it cannot. Myoglobin is related to hemoglobin, but has a different oxygen affinity. It is present in your muscles, where it provides oxygen for aerobe glycolysis. Wi

What is Myoglobins?

Myoglobin is an iron- and oxygen-binding protein found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates in general and in almost all mammals. It is related to hemoglobin, which is the iron

What is the role of the Myoglobin?

Myoglobin is a monomeric heme protein found mainly in muscle tissue where it serves as an intracellular storage site for oxygen.

Difference of myoglobin and hemoglobin?

myoglobin: the molecule is compact there is no water inside it with the exception of a very small number(less than 5) of single water molecules presumably trapped at the time

How does exercise increase myoglobin stores?

Myoglobin is a protein within the muscle tissue which acts as an oxygen carrier. As a long term effect of exercise. The ability of the muscles to store myoglobin is increased

The function of myoglobin is to?

Carry and store iron for muscle cells    It holds a reserve supply of oxygen in muscle cells.

What is the function of histidine?

ü Histidine is metabolized into the neurotransmitter histamine and the set of genes that produce the enzymes responsible for histidine synthesis.
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Myoglobin has a mass of?

According to scientists, myoglobin is identified as a protein which  stores oxygen, and as a result, the molecular mass is 2.98 X 10-14  µg or roughly 17,699 Daltons.

Functions of histidine?

Histidine is involved in many functions. It is responsible for the  transmission of your brain's signals. It also helps ride the body  of heavy metals. The substance is requ

Why histidine is polar?

because it has a double bonded nitrogen which can be protonated easily. Also, it is considered " electron sink " which clearly shows it's an electron- donor ( base ). Relative
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What does the myoglobin do?

Myoglobin are the oxygen carrying pigment in  muscles of humans and other mammals. Myoglobin comprise a  combination of protein and iron and are the cause of the red color