Role of teacher in curriculum development implementation and evaluation?

The teacher and students involved in curriculum organization each have different roles and responsibilities. Teachers want to enjoy teaching and watching their students develop interests and skills in their interest area. Teachers also want to discover the effective practices of their teaching profession. The teacher creates lesson plans and syllabi within the framework of the given curriculum. The teacher's responsibilities are to implement the curriculum to meet student needs.
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How important is it for teachers and curriculum planners to anchor their curriculum plans to theories of curriculum development?

Any given curriculum in place in a school for a new academic year is highly important. It provides the whole programme for the year for each and every class level and every ed (MORE)

Role of parents in curriculum development?

Parents can play an important role in curriculum development.  Parents are aware of the challenges of their children so  participating in the development of the curriculum w (MORE)
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What is the role of Learners in curriculum implementation?

The learner is the primary reason of developing the curriculum. Everything revolve in curriculum is the interest,skills and abilities of the learner. They are the primary conc (MORE)

Questions for Teacher Evaluations

To make sure that students receive the best education, schools carefully screen teachers before hiring them. After teachers have been hired, there are different policies and p (MORE)

Social Skills Curriculum Improves a Student's Behavior

In special education, there are many things students need to learn to be successful in school and in life. Academics are definitely a priority, but sometimes students need hel (MORE)

Key Tips for Creating a Project Implementation Plan for a Company

A project implementation plan is a strategic course of action that an entity takes to reach a goal. Creating an effective project plan takes time, dedication, collaboration an (MORE)

What are the roles of teachers in curriculum implementation?

Implementation is an interaction between those who have created the programme and those who are charged to deliver it. According to Ornstein and Hunkins, 1998. Even though lar (MORE)

What are roles of teachers in research development?

Teachers often aid their students in defining their research  interests and refining those interests into a project. The students  do the research, but the teachers help the (MORE)

How can teachers contribute to the development of the curriculum?

Teachers are on the front line when it comes to curriculum development. That is they have direct contact with students, and are intimately aware of the needs of their students (MORE)