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Role of teacher in curriculum development implementation and evaluation?

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The teacher and students involved in curriculum organization each have different roles and responsibilities. Teachers want to enjoy teaching and watching their students develop interests and skills in their interest area. Teachers also want to discover the effective practices of their teaching profession. The teacher creates lesson plans and syllabi within the framework of the given curriculum. The teacher's responsibilities are to implement the curriculum to meet student needs.
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How important is it for teachers and curriculum planners to anchor their curriculum plans to theories of curriculum development?

Any given curriculum in place in a school for a new academic year is highly important. It provides the whole programme for the year for each and every class level and every ed

What is the role of the community members in curriculum implementation?

The role of the community members in curriculum implementation is  to provide logistics and support the process. This is achieved by  participating in the process and giving

What is Curriculum to you as a Student Teacher?

Curriculum is a set of course by which students should undertake to meet specific goals and standards.

What is curriculum for an elementary grade teacher?

A curriculum for an elementary grade teacher is the plan of  teaching for a term. This curriculum is set up by the school system  to be followed for a specific goal of learn

Who are the others stakeholders in curriculum implementation?

Apart from teachers and students as stakeholders in curriculum implementation, other stakeholders include among others are: Parents Principals/headmasters/headmistress Governm

What are the important sources of curriculum evaluation?

Important sources of curriculum evaluation include students, teachers, educational experts, subject experts, curriculum experts, policy making community, dropout sample, emplo

What is responsive curriculum evaluation?

Responsive curriculum evaluation is an approach of evaluation where by the teacher match between what was taught to what is evaluated( filipatali thadei,2012)

What is the role of a teacher in curriculum development?

The teacher plays the largest part in curriculum development. The  teacher is responsible for implementing and shaping the curriculum  as it appears to students.

How important is it for teachers and curriculum planners to anchor their curriculum plans to specific theories and principles of curriculum development?

  Theory is theory. Practice is practice. The two shall never meet. I've always designed curriculum plans based on the strengths of our current groups of teachers. Are

Role of teacher in developing Indian society?

The role of a teacher in developing Indian society is to create a  platform where information is passed on. The teacher will be used  as a means of exposure to the Indian va