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Role of technology of World War 1?

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Many weapons were developed. One was the tank and the airplane . Both of these would change the way the war was fought.
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What was America's role in World War 1?

America's role in World War 1 was that of a peace maker. America  maintained a bystander attitude for a large part of the war and  only entered to end it and instigate the p

How did technology change warfare in World War 1?

The technological advances during the Great War were too numerous to name in one sitting. Entire books have been written on the subject. Here are but a few examples: 1) Machin

What was a sergeant's role in World War 1?

The British Sergeant was and is in command of a platoon of about 30 men. The corporal was and is the squad leader, and the lance corporal is the team leader. A team is 4 to 5

Role of alliances in world war 1?

the alliance systems are one of the main causes that the war spread to so many countries. the war was originally between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. But, Russia was allied wit

What was the role of Turkey in World War 1?

Turkey in WW1   Turkey (or to be more precise, the Ottoman Empire) was an ally of Germany. It fought mainly against the British and also against the Russians (in the Cauc

Us's role in World War 1?

  The US came into the war right at the end, forcing the German forces to accept an armistice (Surrender) with the allied forces because they would have been unable to fig

What was the role of Russia in World War 1?

Just the same as all the other countries. To fight the war. It was on the Allied side, and did terribly. Its troops didn't have enough guns, equipment or food; and it was poor

What was Britain's role in World War 1?

  Answer   Britain was one of the main countries fighting on the side of the Entente against the Central Powers. Britain, together with its empire, went to war early

What was the role of the US in World War 1?

Before entering the war, the US was declaring itself neutral during the fighting and serving only as a goods provider for both sides but with a clear bias for Triple Entente (

What new technology and weapons was used in World War 1?

There were many things like machine guns and Artillary, which are giant cannons. Also there was gas grenades.  There were planes,artillery,flamethrowers,machineguns,chlorine

What was the role of Australia in World War 1?

 Answer   Australia's role was as backup to Britain in the fight, or expendable forces, because Australia wanted to prove that it was worthy of being a stand-alone coun

What was the technology in World War 1?

Trench warfare was the main feature of World War 1 both offensively  and defensively. However, due to the stalemate it caused, new  technologies like tanks, flame throwers,

What was the role of Romania in world war 1?

Romania was neutral and on both the Allies' and the Central Powers'  sides at different times during WW1. When it started, Romania was  neutral though it had been allied wit

What was Kenya's role in World War 1?

Kenya, a British colony, was part of the East African campaign. A  series of battles were started by the Germans in East Africa, and  extended to Portuguese colonies as well