Role of technology of World War 1?

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Many weapons were developed. One was the tank and the airplane . Both of these would change the way the war was fought.
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What technology was used in World War 1?

Maxim machine gun tanks ships poison gas airplanes U-Boats Trench warfare was the main feature of World War 1 both offensivelyand defensively. However, due to the sta

How did the military technology in World War 1 effect the war?

Basically, the military technology allowed the soldiers to maintain their distance, and fight without actually watching their opponent die. Of course, with the help of the new

How did technology impact World War 1?

Technology had a huge impact on World War 1. The invention ofbarbed wire and the machine gun upped the ante and made warfaremuch dangerous than it had ever been previously. Ad

What were the new technologies of World War 1?

Actually, no. The British invented tanks around 1914; German efforts in tank development did not begin until the British Mark I was first deployed against the Germans in 1916.

What technology did World War 1 have?

World War one featured aerial warfare, artillery, trench warfare, and machine guns ( as well as repeating rifles)

What technology were used in world war 1?

-First widespread use of machine guns. -First widespread use of gas agents, including: Chlorine gas, Phosgene and mustard gas. Nerve gasses were not used until the 1930's. D

How did technology influence World War 1?

The enormous casualties suffered on the Western Front proved the destructive power of modern weapons. Machine guns mowed down waves of soldiers. The shrapnel, or flying debris