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How much does Colorado state representive earn?
Legislators receive a salary, travel and per diem expenses, life and health insurance, a pension, and other perquisites related to the job.
Members of the General Assembly receive an annual salary of $30,000, paid at the rate of $2,500 per month. The salary was set at its current figure in 1998. The Colorado constitution provides that no change in compensation may take place during a member's term of office.
Legislative members receive a per diem of $99 for attendance at interim committee meetings. Members of the Joint Budget Committee, Legislative Audit, Legal Services, and the legislative leadership handling matters concerning the General Assembly during the interim also receive a per diem of $99.
Expense Allowance
During the legislative session, each member of the General Assembly living in the Metro area is allowed up to $45 for actual expenses incurred plus traveling expenses to his home and back to the capitol each legislative day. If a member does not reside in the Denver Metro area, he is allowed up to $150 a day lodging allowance and expenses plus one round trip travel expense per week from the capitol to home. All allowances are paid after the submission of vouchers that justify the expenditure.
Mileage and Travel Allowance
For authorized legislative travel, such as attendance at conferences, seminars, or state functions, a member receives actual and necessary transportation costs. These mileage allowances are paid upon submission of vouchers to their respective houses. In addition, legislators are reimbursed for vehicle travel expenses while attending to legislative business.
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