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or Return Address
of Sender


Name of person addressed (if known)
Title of person addressed
Name of Company or Organization
Address of Company or Organization
City, State, Zip (or equivalent depending on country)

Dear Name,

First paragraph: I am writing to request a transfer for from Company's ABC location to Company's XYZ location.

Second paragraph: I have been employed at the ABC location since (date). My employment record has remained steady throughout that period and I have received consistent good reviews from my manager, (name of manager). I am requesting this transfer in order to continue my employment with Company while I continue my studies at (school) in XYZ.

Third paragraph: Tell the addressee what you want them to do or what you want to happen. State any dates that may be deadlines that are applicable. Be clear without emotional language or going off the target. Give your email address and/or phone number at the end to be sure it's easy for the addressee to find it. Always end a business letter by thanking the recipient for their time and effort.

Use Sincerely or Thank You,

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