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June 30, 2009 VIA FACSIMILE Mr. John Smith, Esq.
FAX 555-555-1212 RE: TERMINATION OF SERVICES AND WITHDRAW AS PLAINTIFF Dear Mr. Smith, I hereby withdraw myself as plaintiff in the lawsuit, [Name of Lawsuit], and terminate your services as my attorney. Please provide me with my file in this matter including our engagement letter. You may send it to the address below. Regards, [YOUR NAME]
[YOUR ADDRESS] October 20, 2008 RE: TERMINATION OF SERVICES Dear Mr. Huber and Takasugi Please be advised your services are terminated forthwith; you are to provide no further legal services on my behalf. Please provide us with a complete copy of my file and a complete accounting of all services rendered.
You are directed to immediately return any unused portion of fees paid to you. Thank you for your services. Regards
Destiny Polulka
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