Saturn radio code 002?

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turn on key and radio, hold program key 2 and 3, number will appear, write it down, press am/fm button another number will show, write it down, take numbers and car vin # to dealer get code.
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How do you find the radio code for a 1996 Saturn SC2?

Radio code for a 96 Saturn SC2 To get the radio code i called my dealer and he helped my find a code that is in the radio and then the dealer gave me my factory reset code fo

How do you remove the radio in a L200 Saturn?

Pop the front bezel off with a flat blade screwdriver (just prys right off) Then use a 7mm socket to remove the 2 bolts on either side of the radio and then it slides right

What are the color codes for 02 Saturn Ion S Series radio?

Answer . Before you tear the wiring harness up in the car, they make wiring harness adapters that will plug right in to the vehicle and then you just hook it up to the new r

What is the radio unlock code for a 1998 Saturn wagon?

Answer . Check your owner's manual; the codes are usually on a sticker inside the cover or on the back. If you do not have the manual or do not find the code, your dealer'

How do i unlock 97 Saturn radio?

If it says loc you have to remove power for an hour until it flashes a 4 line. to get a code you then have to hold down the 3/4 buttons until it displays...then call your deal

How to Unlock a Saturn l200 radio?

I own a Saturn L300 - we even called the Saturn dealer - the best thing to do is to scrap the old radio and have a new one installed. Whether you choose to do that through the

What Phone call area or country code 1 002?

This is not a valid country code. Country code +1 is North America,including the USA, Canada, and certain Caribbean/nearby islands,but the next digit cannot be a zero.

The radio code for a 2003 Saturn Ion?

Hold buttons 1 & 2 for about 5 seconds. A 4-Digit code will appear. ex. "8769" Give this code to a GM dealer. I've heard they wil charge $100. charges 18$ per s

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00 isn't part of the country code, it is a commonly usedinternational dialing prefix. Telephone country codes beginning with +2 are mostly in Africa, butyou need one or two m
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How do you get a radio code for a Nissan radio?

Easy, all you need to do is get your cars VIN number which will either be on the bottom left hand corner of your windscreen or on the back wall or you engine bay and call the