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do it! start out by saying what you feel bad about, state that you are sorry, say what you will/will not do in the future, ask for forgiveness
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What can you do if you call off a relationship with someone and it really hurts them but then you are sorry and want to try at it again?

%DETAILS%     I have been in this situation and I called that person on the phone asked if we could get together and talk as friends which he agreed to and after expla

When to say sorry?

  Say Sorry when you really see pain in the person's eyes

What should you do when people do things to hurt you and never say they are sorry because of their pride?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nPride, scmride. Really, I think it is a sign of maturity. It is about accepting responsibilty for their actions. If this person is constantly hur

How do you say Sorry or Pardon as in asking what someone said in Korean?

There isn't really a general term for this, but there a few you can use in different situations. mworago? (뭐라고?) = is a polite way of saying 'what?' The 'rago' part is

How do you say sorry?

    You should first state what you did, and why you feel bad about it, and end your apology with something like, "I'm sorry."

How can you say you are sorry?

Saying sorry is easy and important, you need to say sorry to ask for forgivenes for a bad thing you have done, but you shouldn't always forgive.

How do you say ''I am sorry''?

  simply say him/her that i m sorry or please pardon me, it wont happen again, and if possible give a hug.

What can i say after i say I'm sorry?

After you say sorry to a female especially...you should say why you're sorry, (i.e. you're crying and it didn't occur to me that that would happen) then you should list the th

I have hurt my husband how do I say sorry?

  I gues the most difficult word in the world to say is "sorry". Of course I don't know exactly what you did to hurt him, but I really think you should not only tell him y

What do you say to someone you love when they hurt you deeply?

Answer I think every situation is different and you would have to handle it in your own way. If someone you love has hurt you deeply, just tell them ihow they have made you

What do you say when someone says sorry?

You would either accept their apology for whatever the reason or you can choose not to accept it. You have the choice. Always try to accept any apology you think is sincere.

What is the best way to say sorry to someone you hardly know but you are infatuated with them?

  Try not to be overbearing or needy. If you hardly know them having to say sorry this early if your trying to get to know them could hinder the way the perceive you. When

How do you say sorry to her?

  It definitely helps if you know what you are apologizing for. Most women don't like for you to apologize if you don't even know why. Just be straight with her and say th