Say sorry to someone you hurt?

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do it! start out by saying what you feel bad about, state that you are sorry, say what you will/will not do in the future, ask for forgiveness
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I have hurt my husband how do I say sorry?

I gues the most difficult word in the world to say is "sorry". Of course I don't know exactly what you did to hurt him, but I really think you should not only tell him you're

How do you say someone sorry?

There are thousand of different ways. Try with a bunch of flower, to be delivered, with a note from you. Write a letter. Talk with this person. Call this person. If

How do you say sorry to someone?

It depends on what you did, if it is major like cheating then first give her/him some space but at he same time prove that you are a changed person after that you send him/her

How should say sorry to someone?

just go onto a server where you can type in words. then you face the person and type in sorry. press enter and you have just said sorry to your pal. I had a bad situation onc

How do you say sorry to the person you hurt?

If I've hurt someone, especially when I'm in the wrong; I would humble myself, admit I was wrong and say sorry. Face to face is better, but if that is not possible a telephone

How to say sorry for hurting someone's feelings?

I'm sorry for hurting your fealings, i didn't mean to offend you, i am realy sorry! darling please forgive me its just that i miss u so much its hard being here without u it n

What do you say back when someone says sorry?

Well if someone hurt you bad then you can simply say that sorry doesn't make it up and i will never forgive you but if its a small problem then you should accept their sorrie

How do you say i am really sorry for hurting you?

either tell them that and be really nice and sincere about it, or you can do something special like take them to their favorite place or sing them your guy's song but make sur