Sentence for a class c felony in Oregon?

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In Oregon the classes and sanctions are as follows. according to Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 161: CRIME CATEGORY MAXIMUM CONFINEMENT MAXIMUM DOLLAR FINE
  • Class A Felony 20 Years Imprisonment $375,000.00
  • Class B Felony 10 Years Imprisonment $250,000.00
  • Class C Felony 5 Years Imprisonment $125,000.00
  • Class A Misdemeanor 1 Year in Jail $6,250.00
  • Class B Misdemeanor 6 Months in Jail $2,500.00
  • Class C Misdemeanor 30 Days in Jail $1,250.00
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What is a class c felony?

Basically you can face up to i believe 2 to 8 years in jail. Also some fines but I'm not sure how much, pry about $5,000

Can you get a passport with a class C felony that was issued in 1992 in Oregon?

Well yes, any US state can extradite, but they consider cost. Every response to your question on this page is pure bull, probably lawyers or worse- cops. Will Oregon extradite from florida? Maybe, but you better have murdered someone, otherwise... Nope. Oregon's like your cheap uncle who'd rather bu (MORE)

What is the penalty for a class d felony in the state of Oregon?

Oregon does not recognize a Class D felony; they group crimes inClass A, B, or C only. A Class C felony carries a sentence of up to5 years and a Class B felony carries a sentence of up to 10 yearsin prison. Class A is the most serious and carries up to 20 yearsin prison.

What is class c felony punishment in Iowa?

Felonies (generally) --Unless there is a specific penalty attached (such as for forcible felonies , including sexual assault and murder), the penalties for felony level offenses in Iowa are as follows:. Class A Felony: Life in prison without parole; sentence may not be deferred or suspended; may (MORE)

What is the penalty for a Class C Felony in Missouri?

RSMo 195.202 is about the penalty for being convicted of possession or control of a controlled substance.. A Class C felony can be punishable by a term of years not to exceed seven years, and/or a fine not to exceed $5,000 or twice the financial gain made by the illegal act, whichever is greater, u (MORE)

A list of class c felonies in Oregon?

Receiving stolen mail and second-degree burglary are both Class Cfelonies in Oregon. Also on the list are promoting prostitution andthird-degree robbery.

What is class c felony?

Crimes are defined by individual states. The classification depends on the state as well. In order to answer the question, we have to know what state in order to know what set of laws to look at.

What are examples of a federal class c felony?

A federal Class C felony carries penalties of jail time up to 25years, a maximum fine of up to $250,000 and one to five yearsprobation. Class C felonies can be anything from blackmail tonegligent homicide.

What is class c felony in Texas?

There is no class c felonies. Misdemeanors are designated by A,B or C Felonies are divided by first, second, third, and state jail.

What is the punishment for class c felony in Arkansas?

5-4-201. Fines - Limitations on amount . (a) A defendant convicted of a felony may be sentenced to pay a fine: (1) Not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) if the conviction is of a Class A or Class B felony; (2) Not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) if the conviction is of a C (MORE)

What is the time limit for a Class C drug felony in Oregon to be expunged?

Your sentence must be satisfactorily and fully completed. An expungement is not automatic. You must present a petition/motion to the court requesting expungement and giving good reason as to why your request should be granted. A judge will consider the case and either grant, or deny, your request. E (MORE)

What is a class c felony in Washington state?

Generally speaking, a felony is a crime for which the sentence may be more than one year in prison. In the state of Washington, there are three classes of felonies: Class A (maximum penalty of life in prison and $50,000 fine) Class B (maximum penalty 10 years in prison and $20,000 fine) Class C ( (MORE)

Will Oregon extradite for a class B felony?

Yes. This depends on nature of the crime and the county in which it occured. Some counties will extradite from anywhere in the US. Others from neighboring states only. Call the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued and inquire.

Class c felony in Alabama?

A Class C felony in the state of Alabama carries a minimum sentenceof one year and one day up to 10 years. Fines can range up to$100,000.

Is there a Class C Felony in Texas?

Sec. 12.04. CLASSIFICATION OF FELONIES. (a) Felonies are classified according to the relative seriousness of the offense into five categories:. (1) capital felonies; . (2) felonies of the first degree; . (3) felonies of the second degree; . (4) felonies of the third degree; and . (5) state jail (MORE)

Can a class d felony be suspended to a lighter sentence?

If the case has not yet been to court, you could offer to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. If the case has already been ajudicated, you would have to re-open the case and file an "appeal" to the original sentence.

I Was convicted of two class c felonies in 2005 in Washington can you bow hunt or black powder hunt in Oregon?

You may NOT hunt with black powder arms. They are specifically classified as firearms under US Code, Title 18, which prohibits their ownership or POSSESSION by convicted felons. For Bow & Arrow - in Oregon it may depend on whether your sentence is complete - or you're on parole - and/or what kind of (MORE)

What is a class U felony in Oregon?

A class U felony in Oregon is an unspecified felony. These feloniescan range from aggravated murder to contempt of court. Most class Ufelonies come with a life in prison sentence, as they are commonlycrimes that are very severe.

Which felony is worse class A or class C?

CLASS A FELONY . For a Class A Felony, the penalty is imprisonment for life; however, for a repeat offender, the term of imprisonment may increase up to 2 years if the person was previously convicted of one or more misdemeanors, and up to 6 years if the person was previously convicted for a felon (MORE)

Average sentence for class a felony in Indiana?

There is no "average sentence" for any particular class of felony... It depends entirely on the offense you committed, the circumstances surrounding it, any additional charges that are pending, your criminal history, the jurisdiction, the judge, and your attorney... Your attorney can give you a r (MORE)

What is the difference between a class B felony and a class C?

As the classifications work in many states (although possibly not all), a class B misdemeanor is punishable by fine and/or jail time, whereas a class C misdemeanor is punishable by fine only (such as a traffic ticket). Also, Class C tickets do not typically show up on background checks (except drivi (MORE)

Does Oregon extradite out of Hawaii on class c felony warrant?

Yes Oregon does extradite out of Hawaii, even more so on a class C felony. Your best bet is to call an attorney before any other charges are brought against you. Extradition is a very lengthy process, why wait in jail for months if you can resolve the problem before this process occurs.

Is a class c felony extraditable?

All US states and territories honor each other's requests for extradition - there are no 'safe-haven' states - It is impossible to know with certainty whether a particular state will choose to extradite you for a particular offense, or not , there are simply too many variables. It may depend, in pa (MORE)

Can you still be a nurse with a class c felony?

In the United States, each state sets their own rules for licensing. Your best source of information would be to contact the state board where you intend to work. Where I live, the board wants copies of all court documents and a statement. A conviction is not an automatic bar but it will be heavily (MORE)

Can class c felony be removed?

If the question is asking about removing it from their criminal record - it depends. You will have to do research on the EXPUNGEMENT STATUTE of your particular state to see if you qualify.

Can a Class C Felony be dropped in Indiana?

I am trying to find out just how to go about getting my criminalrecord expund/wiped clean in Indiana. My most serious felony is from 1982 of Class D Robbery-Non Violent,no weapon was involved,just finger in pocket. All my otherconvictions have been for DWI and DWS with the latest one back in2007,rel (MORE)

Will Oregon extradite out of Florida for a class c felony?

All US states and territories honor each other's requests for extradition - there are no 'safe-haven' states - It is impossible to know with certainty whether a particular state will choose to extradite you for a particular offense, or not , there are simply too many variables. It may depend, in pa (MORE)

How much meth will get you a class c felony?

Possession of any amount of methamphetamine is a felony. Methamphetamine is among the substances listed in penalty group two in the Texas Health and Safety Code. Possession of less than one gram of methamphetamine is a state jail felony. This means that possession of a trace amount of methamphetamin (MORE)

Can you get deported for a class c felony?

If you are an illegal alien, you can get deported just for being inside the Country and getting caught. It wouldn't matter what felony crime was committed, since it is considered a Crime just for being here un-documented. Depending on what felony crime was committed will depend on whether you are (MORE)

Is a class class c misdemeanor felony extreditable from Nevada?

There is no such possible offense as a "misdemeanor felony." It is either one or the other. Most states WILL extradie you to prosecute you for a felony offense. SOme states will extradiet for a misdemeanor offense. Where the law is concerned it is impossible to say whether a particular state will o (MORE)

What is a sentence for a class 4 felony?

Sentencing guidelines are different in different areas but In Illinois it could be: Class 4 Felony . Between 1 and 3 years in State Penitentiary; and/or . Fine of up to $25,000 However that is the max and usually if it is a first offense the defendant would be sentenced to probation and a (MORE)

What state does Oregon not extradite class b felony warrants?

i believe all states can and will extradite... it seems to depend rather on whether the crime was violent or not, whether the warrant says extradite... it does cost the state money to bring someone back. All i can say is that if you are on a Native American reservation they cannot extradite you unle (MORE)