Sentence for a class c felony in Oregon?

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In Oregon the classes and sanctions are as follows. according to Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 161: CRIME CATEGORY MAXIMUM CONFINEMENT MAXIMUM DOLLAR FINE
  • Class A Felony 20 Years Imprisonment $375,000.00
  • Class B Felony 10 Years Imprisonment $250,000.00
  • Class C Felony 5 Years Imprisonment $125,000.00
  • Class A Misdemeanor 1 Year in Jail $6,250.00
  • Class B Misdemeanor 6 Months in Jail $2,500.00
  • Class C Misdemeanor 30 Days in Jail $1,250.00
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Can you get a passport with a class C felony that was issued in 1992 in Oregon?

Well yes, any US state can extradite, but they consider cost. Every response to your question on this page is pure bull, probably lawyers or worse- cops. Will Oregon extradite

What is the penalty for a class d felony in the state of Oregon?

Oregon does not recognize a Class D felony; they group crimes inClass A, B, or C only. A Class C felony carries a sentence of up to5 years and a Class B felony carries a sente

A list of class c felonies in Oregon?

Receiving stolen mail and second-degree burglary are both Class Cfelonies in Oregon. Also on the list are promoting prostitution andthird-degree robbery.

What is the time limit for a Class C drug felony in Oregon to be expunged?

Your sentence must be satisfactorily and fully completed. An expungement is not automatic. You must present a petition/motion to the court requesting expungement and giving go

Will Oregon extradite for a class B felony?

Yes. This depends on nature of the crime and the county in which it occured. Some counties will extradite from anywhere in the US. Others from neighboring states only. Call th

What is a class U felony in Oregon?

A class U felony in Oregon is an unspecified felony. These feloniescan range from aggravated murder to contempt of court. Most class Ufelonies come with a life in prison sente

Which felony is worse class A or class C?

CLASS A FELONY . For a Class A Felony, the penalty is imprisonment for life; however, for a repeat offender, the term of imprisonment may increase up to 2 years if the pers

Does Oregon extradite out of Hawaii on class c felony warrant?

Yes Oregon does extradite out of Hawaii, even more so on a class C felony. Your best bet is to call an attorney before any other charges are brought against you. Extradition i

Will Oregon extradite out of Florida for a class c felony?

All US states and territories honor each other's requests for extradition - there are no 'safe-haven' states - It is impossible to know with certainty whether a particular st

What is a sentence for a class 4 felony?

Sentencing guidelines are different in different areas but In Illinois it could be: Class 4 Felony . Between 1 and 3 years in State Penitentiary; and/or . Fine of up t

What state does Oregon not extradite class b felony warrants?

i believe all states can and will extradite... it seems to depend rather on whether the crime was violent or not, whether the warrant says extradite... it does cost the state