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Sewing up the cervix holding the baby longer?

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When a woman's cervix is weak (sometimes called an incompetent cervix) she is more likely to have a baby born prematurely because the cervix shortens or opens too early. In order to prevent premature labor, a woman's doctor may recommend a cervical cerclage. A cerclage is used to prevent these early changes in a woman's cervix, thus preventing premature labor. A closed cervix helps a developing baby stay inside the uterus until the mother reaches 37-38 weeks of pregnancy. What is cervical cerclage? Treatment for cervical incompetence is a surgical procedure called cervical cerclage, in which the cervix is sewn closed during pregnancy. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus and extends into the vagina.
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Not sure if it is common or not but I was diagnosed with a shortened cervix at 16 weeks. My cervix had fallen to 2.8. I was placed on bedrest for one week. At 17 weeks, it mea

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If you are not pregnant, and not on your period, then it probably means you are ovulating. The cervix opens up when you are ovulating, and it becomes 'slimier' to help aid the

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