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Yes google should have games because kids can have fun on google
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Case study answer of Should Google Organize Your Medical Records?

Should Google Organize Your Medical Records 1. What concepts in the chapter are illustrated in this case? Who are the stakeholders in this case? Chapter concepts illustrat

Should there be video games at school?

yes there should but they should be very educational kinda like leapfrog but way different....!

What stretches should you do before a tennis game?

  Answer     You need to warm up your muscles that you are going to use in the match. This means that you will have dynamic stretching. Try the following stretc

Should christians play shooting games?

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What is Google?

It is the most commonly used and the biggest search engine on the planet. They started out in 1995 with a company name Backrub. They decided to change the name and came up wit

Why should people read the Hunger Games?

People should read the Hunger Games because it is full of unexpected twists and turns. As a person who has read the Hunger Games several times I have never gotten tired of the

What is after a Google?

google plx (plex(don't know how to spell it)pleix)

Should video games be banned?

Yes and no. Perhaps the age restrictions should be more strongly advised, for games like Modern Warfare and etc. Basically any games with excess blood and violence should be b

How much should I sell a Game Boy for?

There are lots of GameBoys: GB, GBP, GBC, GBL(japan only), GBA, GBA SP, GBM, & GB play it loud! GB, GBC, GBP, GB Play It Loud : Gamestop: too old to sell to them Pawn

Should 10-year-old boys Google naked women?

No - although it is fairly normal for a boy that age to be  curious, getting started on porn at that age is very detrimental to  their emotional and interpersonal developmen