Should US still make nuclear missiles?

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Yes. The nuclear arsenal of the United States is made so that it must be refurbished every three months or the nuclear warheads will not work. This is done by design so that if a weapon ever comes up missing, after a short time it will become just a large semi-radioactive paperweight.

Other than that, If we did not continue to make nuclear weapons, Other countries who do still have nuclear weapons would be able to attack us with no worries about being hit themselves. Our threat of nuking other countries is what keeps our country safe from nuclear attack.

How many countries have nuclear missiles?

Answer to the question . \nMaybe 7 countries. USA, Russia, UK, France, China , India and Pakistan.\nNote: I am very sure USA, Russia ,India and Pakistan has nuclear missile. The rest of them is what I think because they are nuclear power, they can do it.\nNorth Korea had a failed test during July (MORE)

Should the US have nuclear weapons?

Yes we should to protect AMerica from Russia causing a nuclear war in which if we didn't have nuclear bombs we would lose and a Russian flag would hang over whats left of your house. We SHOULD have nuclear bombs.

Who invented the nuclear missile?

This is two separate inventions: the nuclear bomb/warhead and the vertical launch long range rocket. They were separately invented at different times by different people, then mated together to make SRBM, IRBM, SLBM, and ICBM. Robert Goddard & Werner von Braun both independently invented differen (MORE)

When was the first nuclear missile used?

Nuclear missiles have never been used. The only nuclear weapons ever used were bombs dropped on Hiroshima ('Little Boy' Aug 6, 1945) and Nagasaki ('Fat Man' Aug 9, 1945).

Does the US still have nuclear weapons?

Yes, they do. So do the Russian Federation (formerly the U.S.S.R.) and a number of other countries, including France, the U.K., China, India, Pakistan, and Israel.

What are nuclear missiles?

It is a nuclear weapon that does not require other means oftransport, such as a plane or carrier. But can be launched and"steered" toward a target or automatically find its target. (Note:only a handful of countries hold the funds and technology tomanufacture these weapons)

What is inside of a Nuclear Missile?

A chemically propelled rocket (liquid or solid fueled) . Guidance electronics system . One or more nuclear warheads (bombs) The detail of what is inside these takes much longer to explain than I have time to type. Besides parts of both are classified and I never had clearance for those parts, i (MORE)

How high do nuclear missiles go?

Nuclear missiles leave the earth's atmosphere for some time. Intercontinental missiles, for example require the missile to ascend to 1,000 feet to assure that it will reach it's intended target.

Are nuclear missiles explosive?

Although the missiles themselves are not intended to explode,malfunctions can cause the missiles to explode in flight. This wasa repeated problem during early development of most missilesintended to carry nuclear warheads; some even exploded directly onthe launchpad. One Titan II missile even explod (MORE)

What was the Nuclear development on missiles in 1955?

In 1955 in the US, the ICBM was still generally considered impractical, nuclear warheads were just too large and heavy for them. Work was in progress on IRBMs and SRBMs. Surface to air, air to air, and air to surface missiles with nuclear warheads were already in stockpile as antiaircraft and stando (MORE)

Should The US have Nuclear Power?

no . yes, using new inherently safe designs and full spent fuel reprocessing to minimize the waste disposal issue. reactor design features should match their operating environment: e.g. in desert areas water cooled reactors cannot be inherently safe, but gas cooled might be, however near lakes or o (MORE)

Should you still use nuclear power?

Nuclear power is very good source of energy to turn to. The only problem is the storage of nuclear waste, that is left over after the nuclear reaction the power plant. The energy obtained from the nuclear power plant is very clean burning and more KJ/mole energy.

Should nuclear power be used?

Nuclear power is cleaner. · The problem of radioactive waste is still an unsolved one. The waste from nuclear energy is extremely dangerous and it has to be carefully looked after for several thousand years (10'000 years according to United States Environmental Protection Agency standards). · (MORE)

Why should we use nuclear power?

Because it is an efficient and reasonably economical way of making electricity without using fossil fuels which create greenhouse gases and other pollution But is it the best...

Is the US helping guard nuclear missiles like they helped guard Pershing missiles in Germany?

The only other country that had Pershing missles in their arsenal was the former West Germany. The Bundes Republik Deutschland (BRD, West Germany), specifically the Wehrmark kept what were known as "Short Rounds," single stage weapons, and provided security for their own weapons. The three US battal (MORE)

Should nuclear weapons be used?

No, nuclear weapons should not be used.. As regards using nuclear weapons, from the film War Games , the computer, Joshua, said it quite succinctly. "The best strategy is not to play.". And if you were paying attention in Men In Black , J said to the bug, "If you don't start nothin', there won (MORE)

Why should we use nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is the only truly green energy available. France has used it to reduce its carbon footprint by 80%. Unlike wind and solar that have serious drawbacks and offer only a false reduction in CO2, nuclear is far cleaner.

Who was the first to create the nuclear missile?

An ICBM, or an intercontinental ballistic missile is what most newsmedia, historians, and military officials refer to when they say"nuclear missile". The short answer is that the Soviet Union was the first to beginthe tests for nuclear missiles (faster than the U.S. by around 26days), but an actual (MORE)

How does a nuclear missile work?

Basically, a chemical booster rocket propels it into space, once in space the warhead bus separates from the booster rocket, the booster rocket fall toward earth and burns up, the warhead bus maneuvers to aim the warhead(s) at the target(s) and releases the warhead(s). When a warhead arrives at its (MORE)

Did they used nuclear missiles in world war 1?

No. The first nuclear weapons were used in 1945 during the Second World War. These however were bombs (dropped from a plane) not missiles. The first successful nuclear explosion for military purposes was the Trinity test by the USA in 1945, more than 25 years after the end of the First World War.

How deadly are the nuclear submarine's missiles?

Their yields are about the same as most land based ICBM warheads orbombs dropped by airplanes: from 100 kiloton to 300 kilotons.Yields in the megaton range as were common in the 1950s through1970s have been shown to have few real military uses and moredamage can be done using several bombs of less t (MORE)

How would you be warned of a nuclear missile heading toward us?

Probably by the EWS which uses the old civil defense siren system (you should still hear these periodically tested). Check on your local EWS radio or TV station for instructions. It will either tell you that this is a periodic test, or briefly describe the emergency and give instructions on what you (MORE)

Does vandenberg afb have nuclear missiles?

That is Classified. No civilian nor enlisted Air Force personnel will know this answer. Only certain high Chain of Command and Staff in the U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Armed Forces will know this. The current President of the U.S. is not even allowed to know this information either. What VAFB launches (MORE)

How do you make a nuclear missile?

Take a rocket and put a nuclear warhead/bomb in its payload, instead of a satellite or humans. This produces a nuclear ICBM. Shorter range rockets or unmanned jets aircraft called cruise missiles can also be used.

Can North Korean nuclear ballistic missile reach us?

To reach the USA, North Korea would need to have an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with a very high payload capacity. Notes indicate that the North Koreans have been working on ICBM development for at least 15 years, but so far their tests have apparently been unsuccessful. They may (MORE)

How far can nuclear missile travel?

Depends on how it is transported. There are different types of missiles with different ranges. Also you can carry nuclear bombs on airplanes, so literally everywhere in that case.

For a story what US Navy ships would carry nuclear missiles?

Mainly aircraft carriers, submarines and some frigates. Personally, I think that all classes of warships can carry nuclearweapon launchers in terms of placement. If a frigate can carry a nuclear missile launcher, a destroyer cando it as well. Of course, when a different class of warship ischosen to (MORE)

What is a nuclear missile made of?

A standard chemical rocket, same as used to launch satellites, with a nuclear warhead in its nose cone, instead of a satellite. Simple isn't it?

Who placed nuclear missiles in Cuba?

The Soviet Union did place Nuclear missiles in Cuba in September 1962, which led to greater disagreaments between Soviet and the US and almost started a Nuclear World War.

How do build a nuclear missile?

Build a missile for launching satellites into orbit. Build a nuclear bomb. Replace the satellite payload of your missile with that nuclear bomb. Adjust the missile guidance system to drop the bomb on a selected target instead of injecting it into orbit. Simple?

What is needed to make an nuclear missile?

You are asking about two different technologies: the nuclear warhead and the rocket propulsion system. Both require their own complex hardware derived from numerous raw materials. The warhead needs fissionable material and a trigger mechanism, and the misslie needs either solid or liquid fuel and an (MORE)

What is a nuclear missile base?

An installation (usually a group of several underground silos) from which rockets bearing nuclear warheads under their nosecones can be launched.

Why where nuclear missiles found in Cuba a crisis to the US?

The missiles in Cuba had a flight time to Washington, D.C. of less than 30 minutes, much shorter to Florida. Their presence represented a fundamental shift in Soviet strategic policy, and one the United States could not tolerate given the hardline elements in the Kremlin, and close proximity of the (MORE)

When the US found out that the Soviet union was putting nuclear missiles why did the US worry?

The Cuban Missile War was the most devastating war in world history. The estimated number of North American deaths was upwards of 200 million. Double, perhaps even quadruple that number of Soviet, Eastern European, and Chinese citizens perished, and no one had any reliable data on how many Western E (MORE)

Can the president launch nuclear missiles?

The United States has a two-man rule in place. Only the presidentcan order the release of nuclear weapons but the order mustbe confirmed by the Secretary of Defense.

Can the President of the US Donald Trump use his office to launch nuclear missiles?

The President, as Commander-in-Chief has the ultimate authorityover the US nuclear arsenal. But he could not, immediately andunilaterally, order the use of nuclear weapons except when the USis under attack. The reason is that there are several steps to theprocess, and the military leadership would h (MORE)