Should an 11 yr old have a boyfriend?

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No, you can never have a serious relationship at that age. I think it's great to have friends who are guys but not boyfriends.

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How much should an 11 yr old weigh?

An a 11 year old girl or boy should be around 87-106 If they are less than that then maybe you should gain weight and if you are more weight than maybe you should lose weight.

How tall should an 11 yr old be?

I myself are 4"8 1/2, and am one of the shortest in my class. My other friend is like 5"3 and is abnormally tall. We are both girls. I think the average would be aroung 5"0 bu

When should you an 11 yr old start wearing makeup?

11 year olds do not need makeup. You the 11 year old needs to stop trying to grow up so fast. There will be plenty of time in your life to be able to enjoy many of the wonderf

How much should a 11-yr-old girl weigh?

they should be around 76-85 u shouldn't worry about your weight tho just have fun and eat the right foods and u wont have to worry about Ur weight

Should 11 year olds have a boyfriend?

Yes and No am 11 years old and I have already had 2 boy Friend's first one was a total looser!!! You have to kinda get use to having one and always talking to him or her, it i

How many hours of sleep should an 11 yr old get?

My 11 year old twins get about 10 hours a night - occasionally 12. Any less than 10 then I know about it!!! Children do vary quite a lot but I'd have said 10 is probably avera

What should you get your 12 yr old boyfriend for Valentines day?

12-year-old boys are notorious for disliking cute things like hearts and valentines. So leave the pink and red doodles to a pretty homemade card, and make the gift something h
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How do you tell your 11 yr old boyfriend you love him?

Your 2 young anyways,But if your comitted then you flirt and chat at the same time then u say "Haha I like u" and hopefully he will say "I like u 2" But LOVE?Umm Can answer th
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What should you get an 11 yr old girl for christmas?

Try getting her some new clothes, they usually love them. Or a lipgloss, or perfume. Maybe some sparkly hair glitter or hair slides, and body shimmer - it depends how girly sh
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What should you get your 13 yr old boyfriend for his birthday?

Look for what he is interested in. It could be an interest in his favorite Band, Sport, or Game etc. You could buy him a poster (it's not too spendy). 13 year old boys like to