Should computers replace teachers why or why not?

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i have no idea depends on the student because some of them like teachers and some of them don't
but i think maybe not because because humans are smarter then computers and computers don't do anything but are smart too but i say computer's should't replace teacher's. but in the future maybe human's might replace teacher's as computer's because maybe in the future people might use robot's,computer's and technology to take care of them and make there life's easier.
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Should computers replace teachers?

Yes,definately Because the computer has more knowledge than a human being,though it may be true that humans put it in,the person who wrote could be dead. And,the computers cou

Can computers replace teachers in the classrooms?

The answer is NO! A computer cannot replace human skills, because: we need humans to teach us so that they can explain the slightest thing in many ways for one to understand

Can computers can replace teachers?

Not anytime soon. Computers along with lesser trained teacher aides may allow teachers to handle much larger classes. Computers may be able to do most of the testing, grad

How can computers replace teachers?

Computers cannot replace teachers because human touch is more important than computers and personal presence of teachers arouse children's interest.

Computers cannot replace teachers?

internet should not replace teacher coz Internets are wrong sometimes so its better than to listen to a teacher rather than computer.. i admit I'm also adic in browsing

Can teachers be replaced by computers?

No Ask yourself. What is a computer? A computer is nothing else but a machine. If it were to be teaching, how will it show students the learning websites Teachers

Can computer replace a teacher?

No, a computer can't replace a teacher. A teacher can become betterwith the use of computers in their classrooms.

Why should or should not computers replace teachers in education?

They shouldn't because computers would be very expensive 2 provide to the whole country. Unemployment levels would rise. Global warming would be a serious threat due to all th

Can computers replace teachers in and out of the classroom?

No. A computer is a tool like a typewriter and can only provide data, but not teach data. It can give facts, but not how to think or invent/create. If a student doesn't unders
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Can a computer replace teachers future?

Only if the teaching program were designed to be highly adaptable, effective in psychological analysis, and able to approach subjects from many different points of view.
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What are the pros and cons on if computers should replace teachers?

Pros: . more reliable information . computers are less likely make errors than teachers . no favourites, so everyone is treated equally. . Computers dont need to be paid