Should girls wear pink?

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some huy or girl wrote a long thing on this wich make no sence at all so if u want to wear pink wear pink it's a color. some guys say tought guys wear pink. it's watever


Actually, before WWII boys wore pink since it was a watered down red and girls wore blue since it was plain and bland. I dont know what happened, but something with Germany being pink and US being blue vise verse and ect. Now people say pink is to girls and blue is to boys. SOOOO you can wear pink if you want to, or you can wear blue!!!!
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Why should girls wear panties?

to be sexy to the boy Answer Also basic personal hygiene. Many young people find very dark OR light, see-thru panties sexy. thay dont have to wear them in the first place

What should a girl wear to attract a guy?

This all depends on what type of guy you're trying to attract. I'm friends with alot of guys and I have asked them all the same question. I asked them if they'd rather date a music video girl or a wholesome woman who has enough self-repect to cover up. They all said too much cover up isn't good at a (MORE)

What should a girl wears to turn on the guy?

Keep it fashionable and comfortable. Personally I love seeing women wear skirts and dresses as well as high heels, ballet flats and flip flops. A good pair of form fitting jeans is always nice, too.

Should boys wear girls clothes?

boys can wear girls if they like, but not out side the house. because it make a look like a gay in the public. so they can wear only at house

What should girls wear?

Well first a girl should look sexy. wear short shorts and name brand clothes like abercrombie, aeropostale, American eagle, hollister things. also a girl needs to wear a bra!!!!!!don't go without one. wear earings and some stuff like that and wear perfume. Whatever they want! There is no need to (MORE)

What should a girl wear for an interview?

Interviews are usually need to wear a suit, included in thesummer, wearing lightweight suit or shirt dress trousers could begreat. For women, lightweight shirt with a short skirt will makeyou look very fresh and cool, although this may make you a littleaction inconvenience. Shirt dress trousers look (MORE)

When should girls start to wear a bra?

It depends on the girl individually. Most girls start wearing training bras around at 9-12 years old depending on their size, weight and rate of growth.. Usually when their breasts have developed to a size were they feel they need the support of a bra. But the wearing of a bra is something of a sta (MORE)

Why should girls wear bras?

I don't know about "should", that's very much a cultural thing. But a bra give some support and prevents the breasts from bumping around when the girl move. Particularly women with heavier breasts appreciate that support. actually that is not the reason they should because if you don't then later in (MORE)

Should girls wear underwear?

Girls should wear underwear when they are outside the home environment, but not when they are at home in private surroundings. The rule in my home has been in place since my daughter started school. When she comes in she takes her underwear off and puts them in the washing basket. It is a completely (MORE)

Should a ten year old girl have a pink cellphone?

A 10 year old doesn't need a cellphone of any colour; if they are somewhere they might need to contact their parents or for some other emergency, whoever is taking care of them at the time will be more than capable of doing so for them, or at least of providing a phone for their use.

What should girls wear camping?

Girls want to look good or nice where ever they are, so a cool pair of combats and a tight top or light coloured jumper would look good. You need to be warm and dry while camping so investing in some funky coloured or nice feeling socks, jumpers or water proofs would be good. Always remember to wear (MORE)

When should girls wear eyeliner?

well i myself only where it on special occasions but some girls where it all the time i think if you have small eyes you should where it often if you have bigger eyes only where it for special events but it is your decision so feel free to where it whenever

What should you wear to a ball or prom pink or blue?

for a ball or prom, i would do blue because a lot of people will wear pink and blue is more of a beauty color. it blends with any skin tone. Blue would be the way to go especially for a ball.For me it's all about what looks good on you if pink is normally your thing then go pink! If your normally a (MORE)

Why do baby girls wear pink?

It's because when we are baby boys and girls look alike so to tell us apart pink for girls and blue for boys.

Why do girls wear pink?

girls wear pink because over the ages, pink has been incorporated to be thought as "girls" wear and for girls only. same with blue and boys. Although now a days boys wear pink aswell and girls wear blue, pink still stands and represents girls for the reason that is has become that through time.

When should a girl start wearing eyeliner?

There is absolutely nothing what-so-ever to say that a girl shouldstart wearing eyeliner. There is also no rule that says a girl canonly wear eyeliner at a certain age, she can wear it whenever shelikes.

Do emo girls like men that wear pink clothes?

That's a little mean. All girls have different intrests ..not just emo but I guess it doesn't matter... And not saying this in a mean way... But sorry and I don't like guys that wear pink... I am emo and I like emo guys that wear plaid and a little of black

I have a pink dress for graduation What kind of makeup should I wear?

It depends on what kind of dress it is. If it's a really bold or fancy dress or you're adding a lot of accessories, go with something simple for makeup, because you want more attention drawn to your outfit. Maybe nude or neutral eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, and a matching pink lip? Or you could go (MORE)

What should girls wear to a bridal shower?

Considering it is summer in most parts of the U.S., a girl going to a bridal shower could wear white pants; white jeans; 'clam diggers' (shorter version of white pants); nice top and sandals or, she could wear a summer dress (spaghetti straps or wider straps); skirt with blouse and, of course sandal (MORE)

When should a girl start wearing a purse?

This all depends on personal preference. Some girls begin wearing a purse as a means to conceal feminine products around the ages of as young as 11-13, others never wear a purse until they are out of high school. The popular snap open wallets that come in many colors and styles have replaced many of (MORE)

What should girls wear to a dance?

Well i am going to a dance tomorrow and it depends if it is a casual dance or a dressy dance. Mine is a western themed casual dance and im wearing cute cowgirl boots, a plaid shirt with a cami, and some cute shorts. If it is a fancier dance i would wear a cute dress with some flirty jewelry, nothin (MORE)

What should you wear with a pink shirt?

jeans with black or brown boots and some funky jewelry! if it's winter what's above if it's summer some shorts and your favorite flip-flops if its spring wear some capris with your fav converce!

Should you wear white or pink today?

I mostly insist in wearing white pant but wear pink panties underneath it is really nice I love to wear pink panties and white skinny jeans so other people can se that I am wearing pink panties my favourite type of panties would be silk because they are so comfy and there not tight on the dick

What should a girl wear to school?

Girls should wear something that they feel comfortable in and will also show who you are. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. So make sure your wearing it because you like it not because someone else will think its cool.

What underwear should a girl wear?

Growing young girls should wear natural fibers such as cotton and preferably white due to the dies in the colored underwear that could lead to bladder infections or allergic reactions. Thongs should not be encouraged in premenstrual girls or teens under 17. A young virgin female should have ample ti (MORE)

What should a girl wear in ballet?

A leotard and tights to show the shape of your body properly a) to make it look nicer in the positions and b) so the teacher can make sure you are doing things right easily and correct you. The school may have a set colour/style of leotard so check first. also some shoes: at the start you need some (MORE)

What should a girl wear to supercross?

There are many things that girls could wear to a super cross race.Jeans and a long sleeve shirt in the fall and shorts and tank topswould be appropriate in the summer.

What should a girl ceo wear?

A CEO, someone professional, should stick to professional clothing. Depending on the shape of the girl, you need to dress her differently. Generally, suits are always good to have. Have them tailored to your shape and pant leg length. Pencil skirts are a great alternative to pants. Dark colors are b (MORE)

Should young girls wear lingerie?

Ok first let me ask you how young is young for you? it varies perparents and lady you know. But personally I would say that if thatyoung girls feel better or comfortable wearing it then why not. Ifor example wears lingerie as early as the age of 14 and remembermy mom buying it online, from honeybsex (MORE)

When should girls wear pads?

Anytime during her monthly period, she also has an option of tampons. Pads should be used for when a girl has just started and can wear tampons as she feels comfortable.

What Should A Large Sized Girl Wear?

She should not wear plaid or checks. Vertical stripes are much better than horizontal stripes. Solid dark colors like black or navy blue are slimming colors.

When should girl wear make up?

A young girl should start experimenting with makeup at thirteen. However, mom should keep most of this stuff in her possesion and teach her when and where and how she should wear this stuff. Most young ladies don't need to wear a great deal of this crap

What color dress should the mother of the bride wear if the bridesmaids are wearing blush pink?

The critical thing is that she shouldn't take attention away fromthe bride. Everything else is largely irrelevant (though ideallyshe should neither wear the exact same color as the bridesmaids norsomething that clashes hideously with it). It's pretty common for there to be at least a few photos of (MORE)