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Should kids be having sex at ages 10-17?

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Arguments For

Overall, most people feel kids under 16 years old should not be having sex. If they are 15 or above, they should be allowed, as long as they are mentally mature, using protection, and respecting their partners. They should be educated about pregnancy and STDs, and how to avoid them. It can be a lot of fun for those who choose to stay safe. Many of teens consider it a rite of passage, and are mature enough to handle it. It may cause some hurt feelings during breakups, but as long as everyone is being safe, no one is going to really get hurt. Make sure that if someone says stop, you stop. Also, be sure that you stay within state or national laws so no one gets in trouble. In most places, the legal age of consent is 16 years of age or older.

Arguments Against

The truth of the matter is that having sex at such a young age is unnecessary, especially at anything below 16. Even so, sex at an age still below 18 is still not a good idea, seeing that it can result in pregnancy. Not even the condom can 100% protect you from STDs and pregnancy. Parents may not be able to stop their children, but a parent should not be enabling their child to have sex either. Children have their entire life in front of them to have sex. Love at this age should be sweet and romantic. It will be spoiled by immature "adult" thoughts that the child may not be ready for. Before having sex, people must be physically and emotionally mature. That means it's not a good idea to have sex before late adolescence. Many children in this age group are not informed about contraception, hormones, or pregnancy. Depending on your family, religion, or culture, young or premarital sex may be considered immoral, sinful, or even forbidden. It could cause serious family, legal, or cultural problems for both partners. There are also many that believe sex should be something that is saved for marriage. Some feel it is as basic as saying if they are being referred to as kids, they are too young.

In many countries, it is illegal to have sex with anyone under the age of 13.


It is okay to educate at this age, but not to enable. If you were to find out your child was having sex, it is hard to say what you should do. It depends on your child, their age, their maturity, their situation, and their partner. For some kids, you should probably do everything you can to stop them. For others, it is probably best just to educate them the best you can.

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