Should narcissists leave their families?

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On the contrary, most families leave the narcissist.
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If you have proof of terrible things a narcissist did like abandoned their child before birth and used his family to hide should you find a way to tell his family what you know or just leave it?

This sounds all too familiar. I had to answer this because this kind of thing happened to me almost eerily similar and I will tell you that the child is better off without him

How do you leave a narcissist?

Answer . \nThe only way is NO CONTACT ever again. Do not fool yourself during lonely moments and make excuses to see the N. Not even to rub his face into how good you look

Will a narcissist ever leave a relationship?

Mine dumped me Then the following day he called me to say that he wanted to work through MY issues together. We spent a week talking about MY issues and him refusing to disc

Should you tell a narcissist he is a narcissist?

There are different ways to approach this issue depending on the circumstances. here are some suggestions: You may want to do that. But if you don't like how the person's

Do you leave quietly leave a narcissist?

keep it a secert and tell no one move away seek mental help to understand New Answer-i agree with the answer above but do read about it to educate yourself and knowing that wh

If you tell a narcissist to leave you alone will he?

I had a friend who is a narcissist and I can tell you that at first no they don't. They find ways to make jabs at you any way possible the importent thing is not to respond to

Why wont a narcissist leave you alone?

Because they are desperate for the attention and devotion you give them.It is a drug to them and like every drug addict, they will eventually come back around when other suppl

Why can't leave the Narcissist life?

If you mean 'Why cant I leave the Narcissist's life', in that you cant forget them as you are no longer together etc there are many reasons: 1) You remember how good the ini
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Why does a narcissistic family not know he is narcissistic and you do?

People who have been bought up by a narcissist are usually isolated (on purpose) This stops them from being able to find support. Or even clarity to see they are in an unhealt