Should public caning be abolished?

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It's your own opinion but I don't see anything wrong with a little public humiliation if you deserve it.
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Should fraternities be abolished?

Answer . NO, I would not have many of the friends that I have today if it were not for my college years and the fraternity that I joined. you just have to be a member to really understand.

Should fraternities in school be abolished?

I think it depends upon the objectives of the fraternities. Somefraternities were made to establish hate among others but some weremade to spread love. One thing that must be removed here is thehazing. I do believe that fraternities must be removed if and onlyif they didn't follow the constitution..

Why should slavery have been abolished?

Unfortunately slavery was a profitable resource for ensuring the wealth of Europe at the labor of Africans It was first thought that the European could use convicts (white) and other dissidents of Europe, however, as devious as it was, it was more profitable to enslave Africans by the thousands and not pay them a cent for their contribution. They had to release the convicts, which meant their profit margin was cease, so with profits soring via slave labor, the European which began this unfortunate case would never find or discuss a reason to abolish slavery! . Slavery was used throughout history as a profitable resource by both blacks and whites, saying "evil whites" are solely responsible for slavery is idiotic considering Africans sold their own tribe members to slavery as well as used slavery in the past (Egyptian civilizations). Additionally Slavery remains unabolished in several African countries where lighter skinned blacks enslave darker ones.

Should public exam not be abolished?

they help in learning of the student and improve their learning skills. exams facilitate and motivate students to learn in a healthy environment .

Should the death penelty be abolished?

Yes, the death penalty should be abolished. It is not a deterrentof capitol offenses. There is too great of a risk that an innocentperson will be murdered.

Why should the electoral college be abolished?

The Electoral College was established in the beginning of the United States' days, when information didn't travel quickly throughout the states and some people were uneducated about presidential candidates. The Electoral College should be abolished because now we have cell phones, television, and information can be attained with a click of a button, whether you're educated or not.

Why Capital punishment should be abolished?

there is always a chance the person is innocent and you cannot un-execute them, also one could argue that while a person is still alive they have a chance to change. P.S. this is not a balanced arguement or my opinion i'm just giving the points he/she asked for.

Should public examination in Malaysia be abolished by assignments and courseworks?

No public examination in Malaysia should not be abolished byassignments and coursework's, taking the public examination gives awide range of questions.

Should death penalty be abolished?

I think yes, It should because people should get a second chance and even though the did somthing to earn it, they might change! Helping Ideas: . Every time someone is put to death penalty, Aloved one screams . Every time someone is put to death penalty, the person who made them get it, gets a HUGE sin . Its just flat out wrong...

Why should nuclear weapons be abolished?

This would be impossible as the basic physics of the designs of fission bombs is well documented in the open literature. Any competent physics grad student could design a medium yield fission bomb that could be expected to work reliably without a test. Countries that want them only need about 4 years to construct the infrastructure to make the fissile materials to build them.

Why should we abolish the death penalty?

Im running for president in 2028 and Im abolishing the death penalty in the US once and for all becasue I belive that life without parrole is the biggest punishment the criminal will reseve for there crimes. Im a decract, I oppose forgin wars like Iraq, Oppose tax cuts for rich, Support manitory health care for old.. Vote for A. Jackson on November 7th 2028

Why home works should be abolished?

Home work should be abolished as they create a burden on the growing children and stops them to inherit the world and reach their limits

Should divorce be abolished?

you just kill youself easy.. you just kill youself easy.. you just kill youself easy.

Should homosexuality be abolished?

NO- We live in a Democracy . You cannot simply 'Abolish' a group of people based on their sexual preference, but you are allowed to disagree. To Abolish homosexuality is immoral, illegal, unethical and goes against the foundation of the country. The beauty of a free democratic society, the US in particular- is the ability to have choice and freedom (whether you agree with it or not) and to practice that choice and freedom as long as it does not harm those around you. Many people believe that homosexuality is immoral and wrong. Luckily, because we do live in a DEMOCRACY you have the right to openly voice those opinions. Just remember... The same way you have the right to protest it, gay and lesbian people have the right to live as they wish-you must respect their right to be free to be who they are. . On the lighter side... . Gay people add to the rich tapestry of life. Where would Hollywood and Broadway be without gays?. Think what a mess the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel would be if Michelangelo had been straight. Probably an off-white semi-gloss.. How boring the news would be if we couldn't hear what George Michael has done lately!. Who would there be to answer questions like this to cheer up your lives!. Do you want everybody to be the same? Do you want everybody to be like you?. No thanks!. In addition . There is much scientific proof that Homosexuality is genetic and not a voluntary decision.

Should Local governments be abolished?

It depends on your point of view, if you think the government isdoing everything wrong, then you would think that, but if you thinkthat the government is doing a good job, you would disagree.

Why school uniforms should be abolished?

School uniforms should be abolished because teens and childrenshould be able to express themselves through their clothing. Theyshouldn't be forced and taught to look like everybody else.

Should exams be abolished?

Yes, just as soon as your teachers learn how to use telepathy to read your mind and make certain that you have learned everything that you need to learn.

Should the House of Lords be abolished?

People have been debating this for a hundred years or more. It is a matter of personal perspective.

Should alimony be abolished?

I don't think so. I would be in favor of changes to the law, but Ithink that the reason it is there is that you often have one spousethat supports the other through school, raising children, etc, andgives up education and training for that commitment, and then thepartner that benefited from that commitment and now has so muchthat the other partner worked for and sacrificed for, and wants toleave that commitment all to the other partner. And you can't givethose years back, or expect a single parent to raise and paychildcare for children after having already given up a chance at abetter education, which can't be changed now, because of the burdenof raising the children. There need to be changes made that make it fairer, perhaps, andless likely that someone will just use it as an opportunity tofreeload or whatever. Obviously some people take advantage of this,on both sides... but I don't think eliminating it completely isgoing to help everyone. It will only help one side.

Why corporal punishment should not be abolished?

More disipline can lead to more aggresive children and in the end,they can also be as agressive as their parents did.

Why exams should not be abolished?

Every one has to pass through the ordeal of examinations and only those succeed in life who are ready to face all sorts of tests in their lives. Thus exams cannot be abolished.

Why should public canning must be abolished?

it should be abolished because if they carry on it could really damage kids legs,arms and bums

Should report cards be abolished?

It should be abolished because it make kids feel bad aout them self that they can't do good in math writing reading that mess . The function of Report Cards has nothing to do with emotional support - indeed, I would argue that the above answer is seriously flawed. Schooling is fundamentally about a single over-arching goal: producing a person well-adapted to survive and function well in society. To this end, the major thrust of schooling is to impart knowledge to the student, to enable them both to understand their society, and to be able to make "good" rational choices in their lives. That is, to know enough facts to understand things, and to have enough analytical skills to determine answers from a given set of facts. Report Cards are a method of informing people (both the student and the parent) as to how well the student is progressing on both of those immediate goals. Without reasonably frequent updates as to how a student is progressing, how is that student (or teacher, or parent) able to make any assessment of accomplishment? In other words, people need feedback as to how well they are progressing towards a goal, to enable that person to make any necessary adjustments which would enable them to reach their goal (or, reach it faster)? The method(s) used to determine how students are doing is of course highly debatable, and of course the optimal frequency of doing summary reports (which is what a Report Card is) can vary, but there must be some very concrete method of judging progress and giving feedback. Frequent parent/student meetings with teachers is also great, but some metric must be provided to understand where progress is lacking, improving, or exceeding expectations. Report Cards are an excellent place to summaries these metrics.

Should Canada abolish the monarchy?

To make any change to the Office of the Queen, or the Office of the Governor General, or the Offices of the Lieutenant Governors, would need the agreement of the Senate* and the House of Commons for a constitutional amendment. The amendment would also need to be supported by resolutions passed by all ten of the provincial legislatures. (*Should the House of Commons and the ten provinces agree on an amendment, the Senate has only a 180-day suspensive veto to block such a change.) There are many arguments for Canada staying a constitutional monarchy . The low costs of the constitutional monarchy are one positive aspect of such a system; Canada does not pay the day-to-day costs of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. Rather, Canada pays the modest costs of the Governor General, and the Lieutenant Governors; and were the Crown to be changed or removed, the functions of these viceroys and vicereigns would need to be performed by some other head of State. The development of such a role, and the cost of the changes of such a system would most probably exceed the costs of the current constitutional monarchy. Also, the embedded nature of the constitutional monarchy makes the Crown very fundamental to most aspects of Canadian government. The Queen is the core of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government for Canadians; the system would need to be entirely reworked ("back to the drawing board", so to speak) to accomodate the removal of the Crown as a Canadian institution.

Should beauty pageants be abolished?

Different people have different opinions. I personally think that they should. They focus on looks instead of personality, I mean what if a girl looked beautiful but had a rubbish personality?

Should the Olympic Games be Abolished?

we shouldn't abolish the Olympics because people have been working very hard and it won't be fair for the athletes

Should child labor be abolish?

it has in most contries but there is probably still a few in which it happens. those contries should also stop it however they often need the children to go out to work to have enough money to survive. There are laws about in every region of the world, however, it still happens- ALLOT.

When were public executions abolished in England?

Gibbeting, where executed corpses were displayed publicly in cages was abolished in 1843. Public executions stopped in 1868 and the hanging, beheading and quartering of traitors ended in 1870.

Should lottery should be abolished?

well depends on your point of view. If you work for the government that almost powers most of there jobs along with tax money so yah it all depends

Essay about exams should not be abolished?

When writing an essay about why exams should not be abolished, itis important to write an introduction paragraph that captures thereader's attention and end with a strong thesis statement. Use thesecond paragraph to briefly state why they should be abolished. Usethe next three paragraphs to explain your support for your thesisstatement before writing conclusion.

Should death sentence be abolished?

This question will be debated forever. I'm not sure if there is a right or wrong but only individual opinions. My personal opinion is that there are some crimes so horrible and cruel that only the death penalty seems just. I think Ted Bundy deserved death but that is just my opinion. There are millions of people that want to see it abolished and that's right for them. So it all comes down to what is right for you. I try to imagine what I would feel like if someone I loved was murdered, and I think I would feel that the murderer lost the privilege to life. So the bottom line is pick the side that's right for you.

Homework should not be abolished for speech?

no - WikiAnswers is not going to write a speech for you to copy.Cheating is wrong.

Should exams be abolished in schools?

i really hate exams but i see no reason for it to be abolished. it's the ONLY way to test if the students really understand the lesson. it's kinda like a big help to us since we're benefiting from it. but, of course, if you're motivationally deficient, then tests don't really matter at all. XD

Examinations should not be abolished?

No, exams sudn't b abolished. If der r no exams most ppl won't study or wud b 2 lazy 2 study and those who wud study won't b able 2 analyise themselves.

Should exams not be abolish?

Yes, because it shows how much you have improved or need improving in certain areas of an subject. It also shows who is smarter than another like in the HSC you need a certain ATAR to get into the university in the subject you want to get in for.

Should the insanity plea be abolished?

I believe that the Insanity Plea should be abolished because if they were that insane someone would have noticed it and more criminals are trying to get away with the insanity plea

Should canning be abolished?

Actually, it shouldn't be because when charities need food, canned foods dont get spoiled unless opened. Without canned foods, countries all around the world would be starving.

Should public examinations be abolished?

Whether or not public examinations should be abolished depends onpersonal opinion. Some people do not believe these exams properlyreflect the student's knowledge.

Should Judaism abolish circumcision?

YES Absolutely Circumcision is Genital mutilation No Less Let us begin with the original reason forcircumcision. Branding. Circumcision is a rite where by the parentsof a child put their mark on it. It has nothing to do with thatchild's faith. it has everything to do with presumably setting thatchild apart from others. It is also claimed that circumcision wasintroduced to replace the sacrifice of male baby's to god by a feardriven population with a replacement blood rite. Whichever it or ifit is both. Surely Humanity has reached a stage where it canrethink and understand that there is no excuse for tampering withthe beauty of the newborn infant by crippling its sexuality, bothphysically and psychologically. Tampering with any child's sexual organs by mutilating itwhether that child be male or female A human rights issue. According to the Jewish religion a Jew is a Jew whetherhe is circumcised or not. i\It is even possible to do the rite ofcircumcision after death if the deceased happens to not becircumcised. Circumcision is not a statement of the faith of theperson circumcised it is simply those that are already convertedacquiescing to religious instruction, Leaving their mark so tospeak, Branding their children at a time when they, the childrenare powerless to resist. I am not permitted to put links on thispage so I will simply direct you to Google the underlinedreferences in your browser. Google "Jews againstcircumcision " They are a group of educated and enlightenedJews who realize that the barbaric, primitive, torturous, andmutilating practice of circumcision has no place in modern Judaism.Have you ever asked yourself why the vast majority of the world'sdoctors claim that circumcision should be considered genitalmutilation? As it is against their financial interest to do so?More importantly though then simply the religious aspects ofcircumcision the suggestion that circumcision is beneficial tohealth (as opposed to religion) as is brought up to try andlegitimize the practice. The truth is that there is no provenbenefit to health as a result f circumcision available anywhere inthe world. All of the so-called benefits that are stated above aresimply made up with no credible evidence. Google the followingphrase to gain a better insight into the harm done by circumcision Google "Circumcision Information Resource Center" Inconclusion any person that loves their child and wishes the bestfor it should not allow themselves to be intimidated by an ancienttradition or in the case of non-religious circumcision.Misinformation by licensed snake oil sales men into permittingtheir child to be irreparably mutilated. The Jew does not need tomutilate their infant's genitals as the infant can do so when hereaches the age of majority and can make informed decisions abouthis own body. The reasoning that he must be circumcised at 8 daydoes not hold up because there is an exemption relating to dangerto health. Considering all of the cons regarding circumcision thedanger to health including life and limb as well as psychologicalis very real and palpable. And any decision regarding the integrityof on individual's healthy penis and mind should not be forced uponthem. By all means make the child a part of a tradition acceptinghim and welcoming him into family, the religious instruction andnon-invasive tradition of religion however blood rituals thatinvolve mutilating body parts Must be left to the individualinvolved. The medical and traditional wisdom of the world standsbehind the physical integrity of the child and indeed the adult aswell. The foreskin is a functioning and important part of the maleanatomy and the amputation of it when it is healthy is a perversionthat should be stamped out with the same fervor as is the case withFemale genital mutilation

Should circumcision be abolished?

There are differing viewpoints on whether or not circumcision should be banned. But this based in that many different people force circumcision on their infants for many different reasons. Some of the common reasons to get circumcisions: Religious Cultural Hygiene Belief it reduces some medical conditions To treat some medical conditions Aesthetics Some common reasons to not get circumcisions: Religious Cultural Believes that hygeine reasons are not sufficient to justify the procedure Believes that the medical benefit is not sufficient to justify the procedure Aesthetics Human rights Increased Sexual pleasure Natural sexual mechanics It is rarely personal choice of the person, but a condition usually forced on them without their ability to have a say Several studies have been done, and it has been shown that removal of the foreskin has no effect on the fertility of the man, however sensation and sexual pleasure studies have been mixed.

Why we should abolished death penalty?

because who are we to kill another human and we would be doing the same as the person we are killing

Should competitive exams be abolished?

No competitive exams should not be abolished.there are so many reasons. ->it the only reliable instrument ->By this way we choose the right eligilible candidate ->one can only work hard to pass these examinations. suppose we abolish competitive examinations then there is no way to choose the knowledgeable candidate The element of competition is omni(everywhere) In this way of competition many persons are reaching high position.If we abolish competitive examinations then the environment would be hopeless CAN EVER MONKEY AND DONKEY ARE EQUAL? So i strongly recomment competitive examinations -by ria

Should homework be abolished from schools?

No because if that happens than the teacher will not know if you can do the work alone or not

Why exams should not be abolish?

Exam should not be abolish because alots of studnt spend much money during exam tym,spend time 2 read,ame have h6pe dat exam wil be good

Why school examinations should not be abolished?

Because they are an indication of how much the of the material being taught, that the pupil has absorbed and been able to recall.

Should you abolish k to 12?

You should not generally abolish grades K to 12 schooling because it will severally limit the education of young people. Even if education is more limited, it will still provide the building block for the future.

Should projects in school be abolished?

Of course not. Projects often constitute an important part of education. Most intelligent and educated people would say they should not be abolished If they are abolished then it would be as well to abolish all other aspects of education. For some at least. Students asking such questions, and being unable to answer them with a rational argument, either for or against, have missed the entire point of any schooling received.

Should the IMF and WB be abolished?

Yes they should. All the IMF and WB do is cause poverty around the world, and ruin countries. A simple solution to world poverty is simple: abolish the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.. William R.. NCFCA debtor peoples:).

Should we abolish the electoral college?

H. W. Brands, History Professor at UT-Austin, said that the mainreason for the electoral college in 1789 was that it was believedmost of the country's votors would not know anything about thepresidential candidates. We've come a long way since then. Thetremendous majority of Americans never even knew what theirPresident's voice sounded like until the 1920s. Today, if thePresident sneezes, the whole country knows within a half hour(figuratively). Apparently a large majority of the public prefersthe idea of direct election of the President. Given all thesefacts, it is still a matter of opinion, so the question shouldprobably be posted instead at

Why should child abuse be abolish?

because it makes a never ending cycle of abuse and causes people to do bad things