Should public examination in Malaysia be abolished by assignments and courseworks?

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No public examination in Malaysia should not be abolished by assignments and coursework's, taking the public examination gives a wide range of questions.
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Should examinations be abolished?

There are two ways of looking at this question. Points in favour of abolishing them:- � *The approach of present examination systems means the beginning of fear, te

Should public exam not be abolished?

they help in learning of the student and improve their learning skills. exams facilitate and motivate students to learn in a healthy environment .

Should school examination be abolished?

School examinations should be abolished because: . they don't properly assess people's grasp of the subject. You can get higher/lower marks than you deserve. . It is impo

What should i do if im behind on my coursework?

i would just try to stick to it -that also happens to me at times :/ try to not get behind with thw work you are doing right now and also, progressionally, try to get caught

Examinations should not be abolished?

No, exams sudn't b abolished. If der r no exams most ppl won't study or wud b 2 lazy 2 study and those who wud study won't b able 2 analyise themselves.