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Yes, and there is. There is such a thing as animal hoarding, and it is illegal. People who own too many animals do not have the time or money to care for all of them properly. Answer Most local communities do have limits in residential areas. If you live in the country,
having several dogs and or cats, they have different rules and regulations concerning the number of animals you can have.
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Is it important to own pets?

it has been shown that people who own pets tend to live longer. they can reduce stress and if it is a pet that you have to play with or walk it give you more excercise. also,

What is the age limit for pet insurance?

Each pet insurance company has different age limits for dogs and cats. Most companies will insure pets of any age but with limited coverage. For example, if your dog is 10 yea

What are the benefits of owning a pet?

there are some many benefits of having a pet, when you are not a part of a gym you get an exersize walking your pat and it will teach you (or your kids) responciblity also som

Can you own a pet fox in MN?

You may own a pet fox, be it a red or fennec fox but you need a license to do so & the fox must be from a breeder, not taken from the wild.

Can you own a pet panda?

you can not own a pet panda because it is a wild creature and they are endangered and you should not try to because they could kill you. ^ haha actually you can legally. the

What are the disadvantages of owning a pet turtle?

  Pet turtles are good pets to learn how to care for something. You need to learn the importance of watering and feeding and cleaning the turtles house. They tend to have

Should you have a pet?

Yes because you will have a new best friend and the more pets you get the longer you will live

Should Children own pets?

  YES I think children should own pets.   It teaches them resbonsiblity and how to look after animals and they would need those skills in later life for looking after t

Can you own a possum as a pet?

It depends on where you live, in some places it is completely illegal, in others you just have to have a license. For example: In Colorado it is illegal to keep a possum as a

Is there a limit on how many pets you can have?

yes there is! check with your local and state government to see what the limit is in your area! also you might find that with larger properties such as farms the number is dif

Should the government force poor women to limit the number of children they have?

Yes. Having a child that you know couldn't be given a proper life  is a form of abuse to that child. Not having the child in the first  place (by using contraception and act
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Why you should not get a pet?

You shouldn't get a pet because when you make a pet it becomes part of your family. If it dies it will make you cry and they can be really messy and out of control . You will