Should women serve in the military?

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Should women be allowed in the military?

they should be aloud. did you know that stacistics say, that if there wasn't any women in the military then we would probably not be alive. well i don't think they should be aloud if they have kids. children need their mothers and they can't have them if they are at war.

What did women do in the Military?

Women have held various roles in the military which varieddepending on where they were as well as the era. Women have beennurses, medics, secretaries, pilots, and have also engaged incombat.

Which philosophers served in the military?

Socrates (Battles of Potidaea, Delium; Peloponnesian War) Plato? (Peloponnesian war) Wittgenstein (WWI, Austria) J.L. Austin (WWII, Britain) Rawls (WWII, U.S.A.) Please add more as you find information.

How many Navajos serve in the military?

The 2012 the census reports that 161,686 Native American Indianswere veterans. There are 31,155 in active duty. There is not abreakdown by tribe, but Navajo and Cherokee make up a large portionof all American Indians. As a percentage of the population nativepeople serve at a higher rate. The vast ma (MORE)

Who can serve in military?

Every nation has its own standards. Without a specific country, it's difficult to answer meaningfully. As a general rule, most countries allow any of their citizens who meet age, medical, background and aptitude requirements to serve.

Why should women serve in the military?

women should be able to serve in the military because they are becoming more and more powerful in every other aspect of life, why not in the military? As a military hopeful myself, I see no reason for woman to be turned away from the military. If we can pass the same tests as the men and do everyt (MORE)

Why women should be in military combat?

\nWomen should not be allowed in combat elements of the military for multiple reasons.\n. \n1. Under certain austere conditions, women face extra hygiene issues that may be too difficult to address concerning their genitalia.\n. \n2. Special forms of affection can affect the performance of leaders (MORE)

Why should women in the military be able to go into combat?

\nFirstly, that is a very sexist question. Second, the question you have actually asked is obvious. If the women are in the military, of course they should be aloud into combat, as that is what the military is for! Thirdly, Women are just as capable as men in every aspect. Just because somebody is a (MORE)

Should women be drafted to military?

That is a tricky question. On one hand, women are held to be equal to men, and therefor hardship given to one gender cannot ethically be suffered solely by that gender. On the other hand, including women in the Draft would cause suffering to people who otherwise would be unharmed.

Why should women join the military?

Women should join the military for their own personal convictions and reasons. There is no proper answer to this question. It may be the same reasons that a man joins the military. It may be for money, patriotism, or glory. Women should challenge themselves and do what they want to do, men as well. (MORE)

Should women be made to serve the nation?

No, in fact men did not want women to serve in the war because they wanted men to be in the war not woman. Although woman helped in the war as nurses and cooks most did not actually fight. Woman filled in for factory jobs that men had before they left for the war. When the men got back from the war (MORE)

Should women in the military be allowed in combat?

Yes, women should be allowed to fight in combat becasue they are just as capable as men are. People think that just because we are women that we are weaker than most men. This "weakness" issue can easily be resolved however through training and by setting goals for themselves. It is very sexist and (MORE)

Do you think that women in the military should be placed in combat situations?

No I do not condone women being in combat situations except as medics or pilots or on naval ships. As infantry women are not excelling and they are experiencing problems in Iraq and Afghanistan. You know what the number one problem is? Pregnancy. They are hopping in bed together and the women are ge (MORE)

Should women be allowed in the military draft?

That is a tricky question. On one hand, women are held to be equal to men, and therefor hardship given to one gender cannot ethically be suffered solely by that gender. On the other hand, including women in the Draft would cause suffering to people who otherwise would be unharmed.

Who manages hospitals for men and women who have served in the military?

The veterans administration does this and has hospitals and small facilities around the country. They have their own website. There is also private Tricare coverage for retired servicepeople who can go to any medical facility. Many vets are eligible for medical care under the Veteran's Administratio (MORE)

Why should women be allowed in the military?

They are; women make up a large portion of many countries' armed forces. The real question is "should women be allowed in combat?" Since this is an opinion question I will say no to combat. Women want to be in it. However they don't realize how horrible it really is. Women have been in the militar (MORE)

Why should American citizens serve in the military?

Follow the bread crumbs" The US military is part of the US government. . The government is of the people, for the people, by the people. . The government is the people of the US. . The government is obligated to protect and defend the people. . Therefore, the people are obligated to protect (MORE)

Should the openly gay be allowed to serve in the military?

Yes they should. If a gay person wishes to serve his or her country, why would that service not be valued? And there is no basis, either legally or morally, to make gay people into second class citizens with less rights than straight people have. Another opinion: The question is, what do yo (MORE)

Do Americans have to serve in the military in 2010?

No. All military service is voluntary at this time. However, all males in the United States between the ages of 18-25, including non-citizens (but excluding those on student, visiting and diplomatic visas) must register for the "Draft". No one has been drafted into the military since the Vietnam Wa (MORE)

What is a selection of persons to serve in the military?

Traditionally, from the beginning of time (mankind), until the end of the Vietnam War; the abled bodied males were conscripted into service. Examples: Troy, Sparta, Rome, Attilla the Hun, Ghengis Khan, Napoleon, Germany, Japan, North Vietnam, etc. all drafted able bodied males. Then, when things rea (MORE)

Women in the Military What do you think about women in the military?

Women in the Military is a fine example of why the sexism in the world is pointless. I've personally met many female soldiers. Females in the Army/Marines/Navy/Air Force is a great thing, for there are actually many jobs women can do better than males. On a side note: When the war in Afghanistan st (MORE)

Did Roman Christians serve in the military?

Yes, there were Christians in the army and as the religion grew, the number of Christians in the military grew. The Roman army did not discriminate on the basis of religion. At times Rome used conscription [drafting ] in the military service . Those Christians had no choice.They would serve or d (MORE)

Did Hitler serve in the military?

Yes Adolf Hitler did serve in the German army during the firstworld war, gaining the rank of a corporal. He was gassed in 1918,but made a full recovery.

Can you serve in the military if you are gay?

Yes, you can now legally serve in the US Military if you're openlygay. You could have joined the military if you were gay, however,before 2011, you had to follow a policy called "Don't Ask, Don'tTell." Which prohibited anyone from asking or disclosing theirsexual orientation. President Obama repeale (MORE)

Can transgender people serve in the military?

I don't think so. Answer: Yes. A person who is transgendered is just as competent, patriotic and tough as any 'normal' person and can serve with honor or dishonor. And people in the military have had gender reassignment surgery and continued to serve.

What percent of the military has served in combat?

Actually seeing combat (actually exchanging bullets) today (21st century) for the US military (counting the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Army) less than 01%. Explanation: 1. Post Vietnam warfare-Naval and Air Forces have had little actual combat; a few engagements her (MORE)

What president served as a military governor?

Andrew Johnson served as military governor of Tennessee after it was captured by the union in the Civil War. William Howard Taft w as governor of the Philippines after they were captured from Spain during the Spanish-American War.

How do you find out if your husband served in the military?

Service records of prior military members are in the public domain, owing to the Freedom of Information Act. Follow the link in the "related links" section below this answer text, and the website will walk you through the process. If there are any records of his military service, they will be sent t (MORE)

Should everyone be required to serve a period of military service?

No, Here are the reasons why. o The lives of citizens cannot be used as property of the country and it is the decisions of them that chooses what to do in their life o In America they tried to make serving a period of military service in a war against Vietnam and many crimes were committed as re (MORE)

Do Mormons serve in the military?

Yes they do. It's the Jehovah Witness religion that believes in conscientious objection. But, Mormons were designated as priests during the Vietnam war so they wouldn't have to serve if they didn't want to - if they were drafted. Some did, some did not. They had a choice.

Should women in the military serve in combat zones?

Answer 1 Yes as nurse or helping civilians or reporter to watch and report soldiers attitude against human rights. As a fighter, woman will not be a woman if she turn to fighter. Women are sign of peace, love, stability and soft hearts, how to turn them to killers with no hearts. I fully support (MORE)

Why cant a women in the military serve on the fornt line?

Women serving in the military is a hot topic. Women serving on the front lines is very controversal. I'm not trying to argue against them in service but I am trying to explain the issues. The issue is NOT whether women can do the same work as men. The problem is two fold. First -- Men have this (MORE)