Should you date a hot older women who you like even though you feel she will eventually dump you?

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If you want some fun then you definitely should. An older woman is more sexually experienced and will have a more relaxeda attitude so you'll have less worries. And if you really hit if off with her you never know, it might get serious. She could grow to fall in love with you. You should never rule anything out.
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Why did a girl dump me even though she really likes you?

Perhaps she knows that you are a good person, she can see this in your heart, she knows that she is going to eventually do something to hurt you because she is not as good as

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Do it only if you are willing to ruin your friendship with your best friend. It's a rare friendship that will recover from invading someone's romantic territory. That said, if

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well it depends on the situation if you have known this person for a long time and they just started dating some one a week ago and you have strong feelings for them and feel

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I feel it may be an easier question to answer if it were phrased differently. I think what you mean is that your girlfriend said "I love you" to another friend and you think
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Should you tell him how you feel even though you know he doesn't feel the same way?

yes, it might make him realize how much he cares about you and feels the same way AND this is coming from my own experience most guys want sex if u ask a guy out he would say