Should you push your foreskin over the head of your penis when its erect or does it go naturally?

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well I'm uncircumcised and normally my foreskin covers my penis at all times - even when it's erect. If I want to expose the head I need to pull the foreskin down so I don't really understand your question.
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What should you do if you are an intact man and when you have an erection the skin over your penis is covering the head and it looks different from other intact men?

It sounds as though the skin over the head of your penis (foreskinor prepuce ) is still a bit tight. You will find it to youradvantage to do some foreskin stretching exercises

When you have an erection do you push your foreskin behind your head or does it come naturally?

I usually pull it from the head completely but usually end up masturbating with the skin over it...feels fantastic using only the skin to rub the head and my hand at the base

Should your foreskin retract when erect?

Yes, it will only stretch so much while the penis expands. When fully erect, it will begin retracting. but all penis' are different so one persons foreskin may retract fully

When I have an erection and I pull the foreskin it doesn't slide back over the glans naturally is this normal?

I'm cut myself, but in answering others questions and doing a little research, it seems the frenulum, the tissue or cord on the under side that connects to the base of the gla

Should the foreskin retract over the head at 14?

Some do, some don't. Depends on how loose it is. You should be able to pull back the foreskin over the glan without it hurting in theory. As written above it depends on how l

When you get a hard on is your foreskin ment to stay over the head of your penis?

That will depend on how much foreskin you have. My foreskin used to retract upon erection until I did some foreskin stretching. Now, at this point, the foreskin remains over t
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What should you do if your foreskin of penis is not going back?

This requires a trip to the doctor, sorry.. This is called Phimosis. Trying to force it back will cause scarring and possible infection. Over time, it can stop you having an
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What causes the foreskin to come up over the head of the penis?

in the first place when the penis is built the foreskin is attachedto the glans in a similar way that fingernails are to the fingers.However the foreskin becomes disconnected