Should you reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce?

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  • No, it should not be harder to get a divorce, but much harder to get married.
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Should the immigration reform bill HR 4437 become law?

Answer . First; many people who come to this country illegally, do so without understanding of the laws of this nation or the fact that laws vary from one state to the nex

How should my children's relationship with my in-laws be after divorce?

Your kids didn't get a divorce. They should be able to continue whatever loving relationship they now have with your in-laws and you should make every effort to accomodate tha

Are in-laws still in-laws after divorce?

No. The legal relationship that made them your in-laws was legally dissolved. You can certainly remain friends and "family" if you have a good relationship with them.

Was divorce easier or harder in the past?

In numerous societies - quite harder (even impossible in countries like Italy, Ireland, etc). Even in countries like England or Russia one had to fight for years in a row, and