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Should you shave all the hair in the bikini area?

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It's a matter of opinion and personal comfort. Here are some suggestions by WikiAnswers contributors:
- That was such a good question! So I'm going to answer it sensibly, yes you should because if you don't when it grows back it gets over wired into the others and may come itchy or cause big spots.
- Just SHAVE IT ALL. Might as well. You feel cleaner and its good to get all that nasty pubic hair off your body. Who likes it??? It's itchy and annoying. O and if you do get those little "bumpies" get some anti bump shaving cream (and always use a new clean razor).
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How do women shave their bikini area?

Answer   Very carefully. It takes time and perfection. Trim the hair down as short as possible with scissors or clippers. Wash the area thoroughly. Wet the area with wate

Should women shave or do men like the natural look of the bikini area?

Whether or not a woman should shave her bikini area is a personal  preference. Some men prefer the natural look while others prefer  the cleaner shaved look. All women shoul

How do you shave bikini area?

Always with the grain of the hair. If you go against it, you will get bad razor burn and ingrown hairs. Also, be sure to use lotion afterwards.

Are you supose to shave your whole bikini area?

this is entierly up to you its your choice my girlfriend does i dont mind and to be honest it is your bikini line so its your choice there is no right or wrong most girls in t

Is it gross for a girl not to shave their bikini area?

That really depends on the guy you're asking. I'm a guy, and I would say yes, they should shave it if they plan on using it, but then you also have to keep up on it otherwise

How old should you be to shave for a bikini?

Obviously your age will vary depending on your development. But the clear answer is -- old enough to have unwanted hair showing outside your bikini. Duh I don't mean to be fl

Do models shave their bikini areas?

Generally, they do remove hair from that area, but not by shaving.  Many models have regular waxing to allow them to model many  different styles while keeping a smooth appe
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Are girls supposed shave their bikini area?

groom so it's not a forest-yes. Shave, that is a personal preferece  of the female- and meeting nice men is easier if you avoid vulgar  terms for body parts that will turn t