Should you use windows loader before or after installing windows 7?

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I'm not sure what you mean. But Windows installation disks have all required software to start and proceed with installation or any other activity.
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How do you install Windows 7 using pendrive?

Format the Drive with NTFS using a Vista computer (or Win7) . go into disk manager and set the Pen drive to Active . Then just copy the whole DVD to the Pendrive. . then yo

What is Windows 7 loader?

windows7 loader is a program that will make a non-genuine copyof Windows 7 activated permanently. Windows 7 RTM UltimateActivation with OEM Information This activator works on
In Windows 7

Would you need to delete Windows 8 before you can install windows 7?

W7 and W8 can be installed over each other or at the side of each other. By running the installation file or booting the DVD/USB. I'd like to recommend a format of your disk w