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Should you write fuller or more full?

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Correct English grammar would state 'more full'.
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Is it correct to write more then one or should you use more than one?

More than one. The word 'then' is only used to denote time and sequence, e.g. "We then went out for dinner." The word 'than' is used to compare, as in 'more than', 'less tha

What is fullerence?

IN 1985 graphite was heated by chemist to a very high temperature and new allotrope's carbon was made.THE molecules of these are spherical and 60 carbon atoms are joined toget

What should you do if you r full but still want more but you know you will puck if you eat more?

  This condition is usually referred to as bulemia, a desire to eat beyond satiation to extreme fullness. Left untreated, it can lead to hiatal hernias as the top of the s

A student working full time should not take more than how many units?

  The short answer to this question would be: Check with your school. For a more thorough answer... This depends on a number of factors, thought the ones which should

What should you do to open up your mind so you can write more?

First of all, you cannot write when your head is blocked with other thoughts. You cannot concentrate on the story and events in the story if your mind is somewhere else. If

Did Charles Fuller write a new book Snatch?

yes! in 2010 fuller launched the young readers book, 'Snatch: The Adventures of David and Me in Old New York" A novella that tells a tale of two brothers who manage to save th