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Correct English grammar would state 'more full'.
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Why should boiling flask be filled no more than two thirds full at the beginning of a distillation?

If a distilling flask is filled more than two-thirds full, there is a chance of the liquid boiling (or bumping) over into the condenser or receiving flask without vaporizing.

Is it correct to write more then one or should you use more than one?

More than one. The word 'then' is only used to denote time and sequence, e.g. "We then went out for dinner." The word 'than' is used to compare, as in 'more than', 'less tha

What is fullerence?

IN 1985 graphite was heated by chemist to a very high temperature and new allotrope's carbon was made.THE molecules of these are spherical and 60 carbon atoms are joined toget

How full should an inground pool be?

  An in-ground pool should be just at the level of the center of the skimmer openings. If higher than the center of the skimmers, the skimmers will not function propely an

What should i do if T5 makes me feel more tired and not full?

You should probably intake large amounts of food while taking this. The chemicals in Tylenol 5 cause metabolism to skyrocket, taking away energy in your body and breaking down

How do you write your full address?

Bob Marley ---name 1234 Green Dr. ---street address Westchester, CO ---City, State 80917 ---Zip code In the United States the basic format for writing an address is:

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What should you write about?

Write about whatever is interesting enough to make you want to write about it! If you try to write about what other people think is interesting, or write what you think is goi