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All vagina's differ in length when she's aroused so you go as deep as she will let you. And Answers.com do not show videos or link to porn sites.
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How far should a penis penetrate inside the vagina?

The average depth from the vaginal opening to the tip of the cervix is 5 to 7 inches. However, during a state of sexual arousal the cervix and uterus retract to position highe

How do you put penis inside women show me the vedio?

We have no such videos but there are self help books and videos to buy online and in book stores. Basically, when you are erect you or her separate the labia's and push forwar

How long should the penis be inside the vagina?

I've heard that it is not good to keep it in there a long time. Maybe no longer than 5 minutes. Some women get irritated and that could cause future problems. I get irritated,
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How much should the penis penetrate in the vagina to satisfy women?

Penetration itself may be the most most pleasurable bit for men, but not necessarily for women. There is no definitive length for how much penetration is required, and in fact
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What causes a penis not to penetrate the vagina?

when u have an orgy ur vagina opens about 2 x the original size letting the penus smoothly go in the vagina.   It depends on maybe what factors are involved, sometimes its