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Siblings Of Helen Keller?

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She had younger sister and two older step bothers
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About Helen Keller?

She never married Born-June 27, 1880 Died-June 1, 1968 She was deaf and blind 1st deaf/blind person to graduate college She loved dogs Wasn't blind/deaf till she w

Helen keller siblings?

She had 2 step brothers a sister named Mildred and she had a brother

What are some of Helen Kellers siblings?

little sister named Mildred, who was born when I . helen was 5, and 2 half Brothers from her fathers side, James and Simpson Keller. . She had a little brother, born when He

What were Helen Keller siblings names?

Helen Keller, had four siblings she had two half brothers their names were Simpson and James Keller- and also a sister Mildred Campbell Keller and a brother Philip Brooks Kell

Did Helen Keller have siblings if so who?

Helen had a sister mildred, and two half sibling whom we know little about. there was James Keller, her half brother. and i do not know about her other half sibling except for

Was Helen Keller crowded with her siblings?

The Keller's had two houses, one for Helen, her father and mother, and her two siblings, Mildred and Philip, plus the servant. The second one was for her half brothers, Simpso